Don't have time to schedule an onboarding tutorial with the Vetcove team? Don't fret! Here's what you need to know...

What is Vetcove?

Vetcove is similar to Kayak or Amazon, but for vet clinics. Get ready to access all your vendor catalogs, pricing, promotions, and purchase history in one easy-to-use portal! Vetcove allows you to shop, compare, and check out with all your vendors, in addition to several other tools that will be useful to your clinic!


What if I need help?

See that blue icon in the bottom right corner of the your Vetcove page? That's our Live Chat button! Live Chat is the best way for you to contact us for any issues or questions you may have. We do our best to monitor around the clock!

You are also welcome to get in touch with us by calling our office at 646.504.2696 or by emailing We are always happy to chat and answer any questions that you may have!


Now that my account is created, how do I connect my vendor accounts?

Once your Vetcove account is created, the next most important step is to connect your vendor accounts. By linking your existing vendor accounts to retain your special pricing and promotions and allow your reps to continue to receive their commission.

It's simple! All you have to do is visit the Connect Suppliers page, which is accessible at any time by clicking the little person icon in the top right corner and selecting 'Connect Suppliers.'

On the Connect Suppliers page, you will see all of the vendors currently supported on Vetcove. Click on a vendor to enter your existing online shopping credentials for that given vendor and you'll instantly be connected!

Your unique prices and promotions with that vendor will now show on Vetcove!

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, check out this article.

🔥 Hot Tip: Set your shipping minimum for each vendor by clicking into a supplier from the Connect Suppliers page. At the bottom, click 'Set Shipping Minimum.' Next, you'll be able to enter and update your clinic's unique shipping minimum with that given distributor. (If you don't know your shipping minimum, reach out to your distributor rep!)

Once you've updated your shipping minimum, you'll see a yellow flag in your shopping carts whenever you have not yet reached that minimum. No more unexpected shipping charges!


How do I search for products and compare options?

After searching for an item by name, manufacturer ID, SKU number, etc., you'll see lots of search results pulled from all of your vendors' catalogs. There's lots of filter options, truck-shaped icons, and graph icons on your search results page...check out this article to best equip yourself to utilize and understand them: "Searching for products and comparing options on Vetcove"

🔥 Hot Tip: Download our mobile app for access to alternative search methods! Scan the barcode or snap a picture of an item on-the-go from your inventory room to add it to a cart or a shopping list. Learn more about the app here.


What should I know about Item Listings?

We have lots of tools built in to each item listing:

  • Details: Here you'll see all the information we've pulled in from the vendor/manufacturer websites.
  • Favorite Item: From within the Details tab, you may click 'Favorite Item' and later sort your search results using the Favorited Items filter.
  • Hide Item: See an item that you won't ever purchase and don't want continue popping up in your search results? From within the details tab, you may click 'Hide Item' to automatically send that item to the bottom of your search results in the future.
  • Orders: Once you connect a vendor on Vetcove, we pull in 2 years worth of order history! The Orders button will show your purchase history for that particular product.
  • Similar: The Similar Items tool will show you comparable alternatives to the current item you are viewing.
  • Lists: Vetcove allows you to build and manage shopping lists! You may access the main Shopping Lists page by clicking 'More' and 'Shopping Lists.' However, you can also easily add or remove an item from a list from within a listing!
  • Track: Item sold out? Here you can set an availability tracker to notify you by text or email when a vendor has the item back in stock!
  • Notes: Add a yellow sticky note to the top of a listing to be viewed by all purchasers for your clinic in the future. ex. "Be sure to order 5 of these" or "Dr. Smith loves this one"
  • Reviews: Write or read product reviews! All reviews shown on Vetcove come directly from verified Vetcove users who are actively purchasing veterinary clinics like yourself, so you know you are reading some reliable and relevant feedback!


How do I add to my shopping cart?

To add an item to your Vetcove cart, in the right-hand column, simply click on the vendor you'd like to buy from. A window will appear that displays vendor-specific information about the item. You may then select your quantity and click 'Add to Cart.' This item will now be placed directly into your Vetcove cart for that vendor!


What are my shopping cart management tools?

Check out this article to learn about the nifty and time-saving tools on your shopping carts page (cart history, saved carts, switch supplier tool, etc): 'Guide: Managing vendor shopping carts and checking out directly on Vetcove'


How do I place an order?

From the shopping carts page, click the big blue 'Proceed to Checkout' button. We pull in all billing and shipping information from the vendor websites, so checkout is easy and quick. You will see any vendor promotions at the second stage of checkout. Once you checkout, your order is placed immediately with the vendor! There are no shipping lag times!

Please note that the vendor still processes, bills, and ships orders as if you ordered from their website. If you ever need to cancel or change an order, the vendor will best be able to help you do so!


How do I view order history?

Once you connect a vendor on Vetcove, we pull in all your order history from the past two years and continue to show your new orders as you use Vetcove. That's inclusive of all orders, whether they are placed on the phone, through the vendor website, or on Vetcove!

To view your order history, click 'Orders' and select 'Order History.' From the Order History page, you may:

  • Choose to view your history by Orders or Items
  • Select 'Filter' to search for orders by date, supplier, keywords, etc.
  • Click 'Export Orders' to export data to an email address
  • Select from the tabs at the top of the page to view by Suppliers, Categories, & Manufacturers

Click on a particular order to

  • View order details (order summary, order number, PO number, etc.)
  • View order status
  • Identify the user that placed the order
  • View shipping details (if the vendor shows shipping information on their website, we'll pull it in on Vetcove!)

Have more questions about the different order history features? Check out these related articles below:

'Unified Order History'

'My direct checkout orders are not shown on my order history page'

'Exporting Order History'


Can I run reports?

Click 'Orders' and select 'Purchase Analytics' to compare spending over time and run reports. From this page, you may also select from the tabs at the top of the page to view by Suppliers, Categories, & Manufacturers.

Learn more by visiting our 'How to use Vetcove Analytics' article!


How do I set a weekly or monthly budget?

Vetcove allows you to set budgets for weekly or monthly periods. A budget will show your spending across all vendors for that given period of time and can be referenced from the right hand side of your Search Results page and the left hand side of your Shopping Carts page.

To set a budget, click 'Orders' and select 'Budgets.' Here, you may toggle between weekly or monthly budgets. You may add a budget by clicking 'Manage Budgets.' Set the days and the budget amount to create a new budget and set it live!

From the Budgets page, you can view details for your budget. Clicking into a budget will show you the category breakdown of your spending for that period!

Check out the 'Budget Tools FAQs' article for more information!


What are Vetcove Cash Back Deals (and why are they SO great)?

Click the 'Deals' button at the top of your page to view your currently active Vetcove Cash Back Deals!

Cash Back deals are offered only by Vetcove and are in addition to your existing vendor promotions! We work directly with manufacturers to get you this free cash, often on items you are already purchasing!

The Deals page shows all of your currently active deals and their expiration dates. Click into a deal to view all eligible items!

Note the pink Cash Back flag on the item listings...this indicated that an item is eligible for Cash Back. You will also see this flag on eligible items in your search results, so you'll never miss them! Be sure to hover over the Limits & Details button to see limits and maximums.

Be sure to click the checkbox next to the pink cash Back flag to claim the deal! Then, all you have to do is add the item to cart and checkout like usual.

Check out this Cash Back FAQ's article for details on how to redeem your Cash Back for gift cards and checks!


Where are my regular vendor promotions?

Vetcove pulls in all your existing vendor promotions! See the full list of promos offered by your connected vendors by clicking 'More' and selecting 'Promotions.' If you are looking for a particular promotion, there are search and filter tools to help you out! Click into a promotion for more information and hover over the litte green price tag icon for details.

It is very important to note the green price tag icon next to some of your vendors! This icon indicates that specific vendor is offering you the promotion, so you'll want to be sure to check out with them!


How do I use the anonymous Discussion Board?

Your Vetcove account provides you access to our completely anonymous Discussion Board. Click the 'Discuss' button at the top of your page to share, ask questions, and find recommendations from other Vetcove users -- all of whom are active veterinary purchasers like yourself!

When you first visit the Discuss page, you'll have an opportunity to make your own anonymous user profile. Browse by discussion categories on the left hand side of the page, or start a new thread by clicking 'Discuss' in the top right corner!

Learn more about how to use the Discuss page here!


Can I claim free sample?

Vetcove does allow you to claim up to 3 free samples at a time. Click on 'More' and select 'Free Products' to view your options! Once you have received a free sample and tested it out, simply leave a review on Vetcove to unlock new samples to claim!


What's is the Service Providers page?

Click on 'More' and select 'Service Providers.' This page serves as a helpful resource to clinics seeking new services by providing information on service providers commonly used by veterinary clinics! Read or write reviews on different services such as telemedicine, PIMS, credit card processors, marketing, and more! Read our 'Vetcove Service Providers' article for more details.


What PIMS are currently supported on Vetcove and how do I use them?

Vetcove is currently integrated with 3 PIMS systems (Idexx Neo, Vetspire, & ProVet) with several more in the works! Check out this article to learn more about our Idexx Neo integration and this article to learn more about our ProVet integration if your clinic uses any of these PIMS!


What are "Direct from Vendor" items? How can I make purchases outside of my connected vendors?

We are proud to include a wonderful selection of direct vendors, in addition to your primary distributors and manufacturers, that offer a wide variety of niche and specialty products on our platform! Look for listings that display a "Direct from Vendor" or Vetcove logo icon next to an available vendor option - these are offered for purchase directly through Vetcove! Check out our Vetcove Vendors page under the "More" tab to view all new and existing vendors that list their products directly on Vetcove!

If you have not yet saved any shipping or payment info on your Vetcove account, you will be prompted to do so on your Account & Settings page during checkout with a Vetcove Vendor. Click here for a detailed article on Vetcove Vendors.


Interested in learning more about Vetcove?

Visit our Help Center Homepage for more articles and content!

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