What does Vetcove do?

This overview explains what Vetcove is, and how it makes ordering for your veterinary organization fast and easy.

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Vetcove is a free platform that lets you compare and buy from all animal health vendors at once. The concept is like Trivago or Amazon, but exclusively for veterinary organizations to order supplies! It's one unified catalog that includes all major animal health vendors, giving you a one-stop-shop to research and compare products. You can still place orders with the vendors you already use, and the best part is… your billing, special pricing, and rep relationships stay exactly the same.

As of mid-2021, over 13,000 veterinary practices and nonprofits across the country (representing about 42% of all U.S. practices) are already using Vetcove to save money and make inventory purchasing frustration-free. Here's how Vetcove works to streamline your ordering process:

Step 1: Add your Vendors

First, when you sign up with Vetcove, you add your existing supplier accounts to Vetcove. All of your account information is encrypted and secure — the Vetcove team does not have access to it. It’s even written right in our privacy policy! Connecting these accounts is necessary because it allows you to see all of your clinic's special and rep-negotiated prices with each vendor. You can even enter in your shipping minimum for each vendor so that you’re sure to be notified of meeting that total. 

In the past, you may have pared down vendors to make ordering easier, since comparing across so many could be overwhelming and time consuming. With Vetcove, you can now shop every vendor quickly, all at once, through a single website!

We encourage clinics to have accounts with as many suppliers as possible. This ensures you have access to the most product options, and lowest prices offered for each one. The net result is that Vetcove saves you time, money, and effort!

Step 2: Search for Products & Add to Cart

Second, once your vendor accounts are connected, you can begin your search in one unified catalog with every product to see all options. Every product sold by every animal health vendor is here! You can search by product or brand name, manufacturer's ID, active ingredient, or any supplier's SKU#.   

For each item that is sold by multiple vendors, you'll see all vendor options, their prices, stock status, promotions, reviews, notes, and other valuable information. Just click the vendor you'd like to buy from on Vetcove, and the item gets added to the vendor's shopping cart!  Keep doing this until you've completed your cart.

Step 3: Manage Carts & Complete Checkout

With Vetcove's combined cart, you manage all vendor carts at once, and even move items between carts to help meet shipping minimums. When you're ready to check out, since we’re already linked to your suppliers' websites, simply click “Proceed to Checkout to complete the orders directly on Vetcove.

When you use Vetcove, none of your ordering logistics change at all. Once placed, all orders are processed and shipped directly by the vendor, so you’re still billed by your original vendors, and you still get your special pricing, discounts, and rebates. Your vendors also ship the items from the same warehouses as before, so you'll receive them just as fast. Your reps will still receive the orders, and your relationships with them don't change, since they still receive their commissions when you use Vetcove.  The only difference is that the process is so much easier, and you ensure you're buying from the vendor offering you the lowest price while also being able to compare product reviews and promotions!

Vetcove is not a distributor or buying group.  It's just a great free software tool we created to make ordering easy and transparent for our fellow clinics.

With 13,000+ clinics across the country already using Vetcove and loving it, we are confident that you will love it too. But don't take it from us — read testimonials from some of the amazing clinics that use our platform every day!

If you have any questions about Vetcove that are more specific and/or not answered in this article, please take a look at the rest of our Help Center, or live chat us at any time using the button at the bottom right of your screen. 

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