How to view pending backorders

Learn how to view pending backorders with select vendors on Vetcove!

Updated over a week ago

We're thrilled to announce that you're now able to view your pending backorders for select vendors via the new Vetcove Backorder Tool!

To access this tool, just click on the Backorders tile on your Vetcove homepage or click on the “Orders” tab on the header bar, then "Backorders".

This tool will display details for each of your actively backordered items such as the order date, quantity, and order number of the backordered item, as well as any information regarding an availability ETA if provided by the vendor!

You have the ability to export your Open Backorders list by clicking Export Items:

This will export your Open Backorders list to Excel to make it easier for you to print and keep track of!

Pro Tip: If you click on the backordered item, you’ll get a quick view of the item listing to easily set Availability Trackers or re-order as needed!

Have questions? Send our support team a quick message via our Live Chat, which is the little blue icon on the bottom right corner, or send us an email at

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