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What are "Direct from Vendor" items?
What are "Direct from Vendor" items?

What does it mean when the vendor option is displayed as Checkout with Vetcove?

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There are a number of manufacturers and smaller niche vendors that list their products for sale directly on Vetcove – we call these our Vetcove Vendors. You can view a list of these vendors and their products and contact information by clicking on "Shopping" tab at the top of your page > Vetcove Exclusive > and selecting "Vetcove Vendors". We are proud to include a wonderful selection of direct vendors, in addition to your primary distributors and manufacturers, that offer a wide variety of niche and specialty products on our platform.

Direct from Vendor Listings

Listings that display a Direct from Vendor or Vetcove icon next to an available vendor option are offered for purchase directly through Vetcove. When viewing an item listing on your search results page, the vendor name may be listed as Direct from Vendor or it may display the logo for that particular vendor:

If you hover over the Vetcove icon, it will display additional details:

These products are all drop-shipped and sold by the listed vendor. Please keep in mind that Vetcove is neither a distributor nor a manufacturer, and never manufactures, warehouses, or takes delivery of any product. Each vendor offers different payment and shipping options that will be displayed during checkout. Do keep in mind that some vendors offer the option to pay by invoice, while others might offer the option to pay by credit card.

Checking Out

For these Direct From Vendor products, you complete the checkout experience directly within the Vetcove website. Upon clicking the Proceed to Checkout button on the Vetcove cart page, you will be prompted to choose your preferred shipping and payment information. If you have not yet saved any shipping or payment info on your Vetcove account, you will be prompted tp do so on your Account & Settings page, and then you may proceed with your checkout:

As soon as checkout is complete, your order details are automatically sent to the vendor to be processed and shipped. For tracking information, or product support, or other inquiries, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information may be found on the order history page for your order.

How can I view purchases from Direct Vendors in my order history?

To find orders that were placed with a Direct Vendor you will want to filter the Order History page by supplier and select 'Vetcove' as the supplier:

Another easy way to tell that a vendor is a Direct Vendor is to look for the Vetcove paw print next to the supplier's name, as shown in the examples below:

How can I see what payment method was selected at the time of checkout?

Please note that in the bottom right corner of a given order's detail page you can view the payment method that was selected at the time of checkout for a Direct Vendor purchase!

How can I update my Tax Exemption Status on Vetcove?

To update your tax exemption status for Vetcove Vendor orders, you will want to upload a tax exemption form to your account here – once uploaded and processed by our team, you would then have the ability to toggle whether you'd like to be charged tax or not, per order you place, on the Vetcove shopping cart page as shown below:

​If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to a Vetcove team member via the live chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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