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Item Notes

Does your practice have a preferred brand of a product that you always like to purchase? Did you have a bad experience with a product and want to make sure your team doesn't order that item again? Minimize order mishaps and keep your team in the loop by leaving notes and comments on item listings.

Shipping Minimum Alerts

Avoid shipping fees by setting shipping minimum alerts on Vetcove. If you do not reach a minimum, you will be notified on the Vetcove cart page!

Backorder Shopping Lists

Learn how to create a shopping list for backordered products that can easily be revisited at a future date to check on stock.

Restore Cart

Use our "Restore Cart" feature to restore a recent shopping cart when you find yourself in a pickle! This feature is an absolute lifesaver!

Note: This video demonstrates this feature as titled "Cart History," but this button has since been updated to "Restore Cart.'

Cash Back Deals

Learn how to earn extra cash back on products that you purchase through Vetcove!

Vetcove Vendors

In addition to your primary distributors and manufacturers, you now have access to a selection of Vetcove Vendors that offer a wide variety of niche and specialty products! Plus, a number of our Vetcove Vendors offer free samples that your practice can easily request!

Availability Trackers

Vetcove now offers an Availability Tracker that enables you to set up alerts via email, text, or in-app message, to notify you when a given item is back in stock!


Set monthly or weekly budgets to monitor your spending across all your vendors on Vetcove!

Similar Items

Learn how you can view comparable alternatives when an item is out of stock.

Manage Users

Invite your colleagues to have their own unique login to your clinic's Vetcove account. It's easy to customize permissions and keep track of who is placing orders!

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