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Unified Order History

All of your order history, in one easy to use place!

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Vetcove provides a unified order history that will display all purchases from all vendors you've added to Vetcove.  This history is fully sortable and searchable, and can be viewed either by item, or by placed order.  The combined order history is useful when you want to quickly see when you last ordered a given item, or how much you paid in the past.  To view your order history on Vetcove, click Orders > Orders & Invoices > Orders from the header bar, or click the button below to go there now:

Once on your Order History Page, you'll be able to view all of your recent orders chronologically. To search for a specific order, click on Filter on the right side.

This will allow you to search for a specific order by filtering by:

  • Searchable keyword (any words contained in the order you're looking for)

  • Date range

  • Supplier

  • Account

Once you've located the desired order, you can click on the order to pull up your Order Details page. This is where you can get more detailed information regarding your order. From here you can view:

  • Order status 

  • Items 

  • PO number and order number

  • Shipping address

  • Invoice (if made available by the vendor)

  • Tracking information (including tracking number, estimated delivery date, and where the package is at in the transit process)

  • Print your order

  • Download order data (CSV file)

In the event that you need to cancel an order, exchange a product, make any changes to an order, or get more detail beyond what's displayed on the order details page you will want to reach out to the vendor directly as they do still process, bill, and fulfill everything on the vendor's end directly. 

Please feel free to reach out to us in our Live Chat (blue icon on the bottom right) as well. We're happy to see if there's any additional information we can provide or point you in the right direction! 

Claiming your Subaccounts to view Order History

To view your order history for a connected vendor account, you'll need to be sure that all subaccounts associated with your practice selected and claimed. Each vendor account has one or more subaccounts as seen in this example below:

To claim an account, click on Update Connected Accounts and check off the bubble to claim the accounts that your hospital orders under. 

Now, when you're visiting your Order History page, any orders associated to those claimed subaccounts for that vendor will show up. You can also filter out by account number via the Filter button as well! 

For more information on Subaccounts, check out our "Using Subaccounts on Vetcove" guide. 

Viewing Order History From an Item Listing

Another great way to view order history is through the Orders tab, directly on an item listing. When viewing items on our search page, you will see a tab titled Orders appear at the bottom of the listing for all items you have previously purchased.

You may click on this tab to expand additional details revealing the pricing, dates, and quantity in which the item was previously purchased.

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