If you just placed an order through Vetcove direct checkouts but do not see your order on the Vetcove Order History Page yet, it is possible that your order is being processed by the vendor but pending status. To be sure your order was successfully placed – and for more detailed shipping information – please visit your vendor's website directly.

If you are unable to view orders from a particular vendor on the order history page, make sure that you have one or more ship-to accounts connected for that vendor on the connect supplier page. If you have one or more ship-to accounts linked, but are still unable to view orders, please message the Vetcove support team directly using the live chat button.

If you are unable to link a specific ship-to account you are welcome to click on the "All Accounts" tab on the Order History Page. This will enable you to view orders across all ship-to's and subaccounts connected to a given vendor account.

If you would like further assistance from a Vetcove team member, please use the chat button in the bottom right corner of the page.

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