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Vetcove now offers a mobile app for your phone or tablet, so you can place orders and manage inventory on the go.

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Our free Vetcove mobile app is available for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) from the Apple App Store as well as Android devices from the Google Play Store!

Open the camera on your smartphone or iPad to scan the below QR codes to download our app!


Google Play

You can take Vetcove with you on the go, and easily do your purchasing from anywhere–whether it be the stockroom, the exam room, or even from the comfort of your own home!

To download the app, visit your device's app store and search "Vetcove." You'll want to download the application with the blue, white, and grey Vetcove logo icon, as seen below!

Then, you may login to the app using the same credentials that you use to login to your Vetcove account on a computer. All of your existing vendors and account settings are supported! From there you can explore the app's various features.

Our app allows you to use most Vetcove features from any mobile device. You can build orders, complete checkout, view deals and past purchases, and even live chat with the Vetcove team! Here is a detailed feature list:

Product Scanning

This new feature is available exclusively in the app. It gives you the ability to search for a product in the Vetcove catalog by snapping a photo, scanning a barcode, or uploading an image!

You heard that right! Just snap of a photo of any product, product label, or product packaging, and our little gnomes (our engineers call them algorithms) will find the product for you! You'll be able to see which vendors carry it, real-time pricing and stock levels, and additional sizes or alternatives. From there, you can add the items to a shopping cart or shopping list.

Order History

You can view your practice's unified order history. This allows you to quickly and easily find any order that was placed in the past.

When you're on the go, you can simply hop on the app, and view all orders placed with all vendors at once, rather than having to try to login to the vendor's website on your phone or call the vendor's support line and wait on hold. Just click on Account, then Order History. From there, you can click on the Filter icon on the top right to search for a specific order.

Once you've located the order you're looking for, you can click into that order to view a ton of detail, including the tracking information (if you scroll to the bottom of the order detail page) and carrier updates!

Shopping Lists

Access all of your shopping lists, to easily view groups of listings and add to cart directly from there. Any shopping list that you've created using your regular Vetcove account can be accessed while you're using the mobile app! Just click on Account on the bottom right, then Shopping Lists.

Cash Back Deals

You can view all current Vetcove Cash Back Deals from the app's Shop page. If you click on a deal, this will pull up all item listings that are eligible, allowing you to activate the deal and add items to your shopping cart.

You can claim deals and view your current earnings on the mobile app, but to redeem your cash back for gift cards or a check, please visit your regular desktop Vetcove account.

For full instructions on how to use our Cash Back, click here to check out our help article!


A select group of practices have access to our Invoices feature, and we're happy to announce that we do also support Invoices in our mobile app as well! You have the ability to:

  • View and search for invoices

  • Upload or scan an Invoice image to add the invoice to your account

  • Mark invoices as received, partially received, not received

  • Include or hide them from your budget

  • Leave notes on an invoice

To find your Invoices page, just click on Account, then Invoices (to go directly to the invoice scanner you may click on Account then Scan Invoices). You can then use the icons on the top right to upload/scan an invoice, or use the filter to search.

Once you've located your desired invoice you may click on it to view more details as well as manage it with a variety of tools.

Count Inventory

Coming soon, we're looking to release a new feature that offers cycle count support! You'll be able to scan an item, and record that item's count by location (pharmacy, central supply, stock room).

- - - - -

We're so excited to offer a mobile app to make purchasing on the go faster and more streamlined! Just download the app by visiting the app store on your mobile device, and sign in just like you would log into Vetcove on your computer. Just remember that our gnomes are still learning, so please bear with us as our photo scanning feature learns and improves over time!

If you need to get in touch with our team while using the app, you may access the live chat through the “Account” tab. We'd love to hear your feedback as we continue to develop mobile features! Please reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions that you may have!

Still have questions regarding the Vetcove Mobile App?

 Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members! 

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