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Guide: Managing vendor shopping carts and checking out directly on Vetcove
Guide: Managing vendor shopping carts and checking out directly on Vetcove

Learn how to manage your all of your vendor shopping carts in one place and check out directly from Vetcove.

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Vetcove allows you to view and modify all of your vendors' shopping carts from one page!  It also allows you to checking from all of your vendors directly from the Vetcove site. This makes ordering from multiple vendors easier than ever!

Section 1: Accessing and Viewing your Vendor Carts on Vetcove

Accessing Your Vendor Shopping Carts

To access and view your carts, click on the Cart icon in the upper right area of the navigation bar. The cart icon may include a number above it, indicating the number of unique/different products currently in all of your vendors' carts combined. Multiple quantities of a single item are only counted once. It looks like this:

Viewing Your Vendor Carts

When you click the Cart icon, you'll arrive at Vetcove's unified cart page. This page is all of your vendors carts in one. It looks something like the image below:

On the left-hand side of the page, you'll see the names of all of the suppliers you've added to Vetcove. To view just one vendor's cart at a time, simply click the name of the vendor in the left-hand column. When you do so, you'll see all items currently in that vendor's cart. It will exactly match the contents of the cart on your vendors' websites as well!

Above all of the vendor names is the "All Carts" tab.  This is the default view, and shows all items in all of your vendors carts in a single list.  When viewing All Carts, the name of the vendor will appear to the left of the product to indicate which cart the item is currently in.

Section 2: Modifying Your Vendor Carts

You can modify all of your vendors' carts from Vetcove. Any changes you make to your vendors carts on Vetcove will be automatically reflected on your vendors' websites too. The reverse is also true: Adding or removing an item on your vendor's website will also take the same action on Vetcove!

Here are ways you can manipulate your vendors' carts. The image below identifies the most important functions of the cart page:

  • Save Cart - You can save a copy of the cart you created for later.

  • Restore Cart - You can easily pull in anything you've added to cart for a vendor in the past by clicking on Restore Cart.

  • Save an Item for later - An item in your cart you're not quite ready to order? This feature will allow you to put the item in a vendor-specific "items for later" list.

  • Remove an Item - Just click Remove, and the item will be deleted from the vendor's cart. 

  • Change Quantity - Want more (or fewer) items than you originally added to cart? Just change the desired quantity, using the dropdown.  For quantities over 19, you can select the "Enter Quantity" text at the bottom of the dropdown. This allows you to hand-enter any number.

  • Shipping minimum - If you have not yet met your shipping minimum (you can set your shipping minimum manually on your “Connect Suppliers” page) there will be a flag notifying you here.

  • Move Items Between Vendor Carts - Clicking the Switch Supplier button brings up a small window showing you other vendor options for this specific item. This window will show pricing and stock information for each alternative vendor. Selecting an alternate vendor by clicking the green "+" icon will move the item from one vendor's cart to the new vendor's cart. Note that the price will be updated to the price offered by the vendor you just switched to. This is a particularly useful feature if you need to meet minimum order amounts to get free shipping. 

Learn more about the ins and outs of these awesome tools by heading to our Shopping Cart Tools article!

At the bottom of each vendor's cart, you'll see the total dollar amount of items you currently have in the vendor's cart.  When viewing the All Carts tab, you'll see a summary of the total dollar amounts you have in each vendor cart, as well as a "Grand Total" of all items currently in all carts!

If you have made changes to your carts directly on one of your vendor's websites and do not see those changes within your Vetcove cart right away, click on the Refresh Cart button in an individual supplier cart, or the Refresh All Carts button on the All Carts tab.  This ensures your carts on Vetcove are completely in sync with your vendors' carts, up to the second!

Section 3: Completing Checkout Directly on Vetcove

When you are ready to place your orders, you may click on the blue Proceed to Checkout button on the Vetcove cart page. This button allows you to place your orders without ever having to leave the Vetcove site.

You will then be directed to a page that allows you to review and update shipping and billing information. (Be sure that you have the appropriate ship-to address or subaccount selected!) Once you've confirmed this information, you can click the "Next Step" button to review your order.

On the review order page, make sure the items and quantities in your cart are what you intend to purchase. If you need to make any changes or updates, you can do so at this point. 

Once you've confirmed that your order is accurate, you can proceed by clicking the "Place Your Order" button. And viola! Your order has been placed! 

Keep in mind that when you place an order on Vetcove, your order is still transferred directly to the vendor. All billing and invoicing will still come directly from your vendor. Order confirmations may take up to 24 hours to appear in your order history, but you are of course welcome to check your vendor's order history page directly for more detailed tracking information.

For some vendors you may also checkout on the vendor websites directly by clicking the "or checkout at ____" button. This button will redirect you to the vendor's site where you may complete checkout as you normally would. You'll be billed from the vendor directly in exactly the same way, and it will ship from them the same as always! Using Vetcove to start your orders does not change your pricing, billing, shipping, or affect your vendor reps' commissions. Everything else stays exactly the same!

Section 4: Using Subaccounts on Vetcove

If you have subaccounts with any of your vendors, Vetcove allows you to toggle between them.  If you have subaccounts, it means you have several different "carts" under a single vendor login.  This is often enabled for you by your vendor when you order for multiple hospital locations or departments with a single username/password at a vendor's site, with each subaccount representing a single hospital location or department.

Switching Subaccounts from the Add Your Vendors Page

If your vendor account has subaccounts, you can first ensure all subaccounts are listed and then select/deselect the accounts you’d like to make visible at any time. To view subaccounts click on the grey icon in the upper right corner, then “Connect suppliers,” choose desired vendor, then “Update connected accounts.”

Then, you can switch between them from the Add Your Vendors page.  Navigate to the Add Your Vendors page by clicking on the person icon in the navigation bar and clicking Connect Suppliers in the menu that appears. Select your vendor to view your selected subaccount.

**Note that this button only appears if you have subaccounts with the vendor. Switching subaccounts from the Add Your Vendors page will not move the items from one subaccount cart to the other. If you wish to do this, you can remove and add the items manually, or switch your accounts from the Carts page (described below) and elect to copy your items to your new subaccount cart.

Click on Change to switch your subaccount. You will see something that looks like this:

To switch your subaccount, click on the subaccount you want to be working in and then click on the Switch Account button to confirm the switch.

Switching Subaccounts from the Carts Page

You can also switch between your subaccounts on the Carts page from your supplier cart. When you are viewing a cart on Vetcove for a supplier that you have subaccounts with, you will see a gray button in the top right of the cart view that says Switch Account. When you click on this button, you will be given the chance to switch your cart to another subaccount. Simply click on the subaccount you would like to add your items to going forward and click the blue button that says Switch Accounts to confirm the switch. 

You also have the option to transfer the items that are currently in your shopping cart to the subaccount you are switching to by clicking on the checkbox next to "Copy _ items to new subaccount?". This does not necessarily mean that the items from your previous cart will be removed, so make sure to check that your cart is empty before you start adding items to the account you transferred the items from.

**Note that when you switch your cart to a different subaccount on Vetcove, you will have to make the switch back to your main or default account.  

Still have questions about managing your vendor carts and completing checkout?

 Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!  

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