What is Vetcove?

Learn more about our company's unique history and some key features that make us different!

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What is Vetcove and What Does it Do?

Vetcove is a free platform that lets you compare and buy from all animal health vendors at once. The concept is like Trivago or Amazon, but exclusively for veterinary organizations to order supplies! It's one unified catalog that includes all major animal health vendors, giving you a one-stop-shop to research and compare products. You still place orders with the vendors you already know and love, and the best part is… your billing, special pricing, and rep relationships stay exactly the same.

Vetcove might not solve all of the challenges your clinic faces, but we promise that it will make inventory easier, faster, and cheaper. It will help you find the best products at the lowest cost so that you can ultimately resell products more profitably. You’ll have access to the most extensive combined catalog in the industry, a fully unified purchase history (including analytics), a community of veterinarians and Vetcove support staff to lean on, and so much more.

As of late-2022, over 18,000 veterinary practices and nonprofits across the country (representing over 59% of all U.S. practices) are already using Vetcove to save money and make inventory purchasing frustration-free.

Who is Vetcove?

Vetcove, founded in 2015, is the first tool of its kind. Two brothers who grew up working in their father's equine practice on the east coast experienced how much of a cumbersome chore inventory was, firsthand. They watched as their father's practice spent countless hours locating products, navigating backorders, and comparing prices.

Over the years, our founders saw how keeping track of vendor pricing tier systems, profitably reselling products, and running a successful practice became steadily more difficult. They decided to put their veterinary clinic expertise and academic degrees to use to embark on a mission to help veterinary organizations, like their father's, do better in this challenging environment — and Vetcove was born.

What makes Vetcove different?

  • Vetcove is an independently-owned and operated company (not owned by a GPO, distributor, or any other veterinary organization) and is also the official purchasing platform of the AVMA. Learn more about AVMA Direct Connect, powered by Vetcove, here.

  • Our platform is built to the highest standards and has been perfected over time, ensuring your information is 100% safe and secure at all times. Vetcove is strictly against the sharing or selling of any data or information of any kind. Learn more here!

  • On Vetcove, you can not only place orders with all major animal health vendors without ever leaving the site, but you also have access to a Unified Order History as well as Purchase Analytics to help you take control of your practice's spending and easily keep track of orders.

  • We offer our own exclusive Cash Back Deals that you can earn on top of anything your vendors are already giving you. It works similarly to a rebate shopping app, where you can clip and claim deals while you shop. You can use your earnings for gift cards or a check to be sent to the practice. Clinics earn over 3x more cash back on Vetcove!

  • You can compare real-time online pharmacy pricing using our Etailer Comparison Tool to help you compete with online pharmacies and bring more sales back to the practice.

  • We offer a community that includes a Discussion Forum, Product Reviews, and more so that you can interact and connect with other veterinary professionals.

  • Some other miscellaneous tools include, but are not limited to Shipment Tracking, Availability Tracking, Free Products, Open Backorder Tracking, Direct Merchants...

And yes... it's always 100% free for all veterinary organizations to use! There are never any contracts or fees of any kind.

Looking to Schedule a Demo of the Platform?

For a deeper look into what Vetcove has to offer, you can schedule a demo of the platform here and chat with one of our Customer Experience Managers! Alternatively, you can send your questions to our team via the Live Chat (the little blue icon in the bottom right corner) or watch this recorded version of the tutorial!

Still have questions about what Vetcove is?

Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!

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