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Writing reviews on Vetcove is incredibly easy! Check out this article to learn how

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The review feature on Vetcove is intended to provide meaningful and actionable content to customers about specific products. Reviews allow you to share your experience with a given product to thousands of veterinary practices. 

Keep in mind that any professional at a clinic that purchases, handles, distributes, or is in any way involved with the relevant product, may write a review. For instance, if you are not a practitioner, but you are involved in ordering or you hear feedback from your clients on a specific product – your input is still extremely valuable!

Submitting a Review:

If you haven't written a review on Vetcove yet, it's quite easy! To submit a review on Vetcove, follow these steps:

1)  Perform a Vetcove search for an item that you'd like to write a review for. Note: Reviews will be posted across all sizes of a given item, so please do not post the same review for multiple listings of a given item.

2)  Click on the “Reviews” icon that appears at the bottom of the listing and then click on the blue "Review this Item" or "Write a Review" button that pops up.

3)  Select a star rating for the item on a scale of 1 to 5 – 1 star for an item you hate and would never purchase again & 5 stars for an item you love and will continue purchasing.

4)  Create a headline your review and write your review using at least 15 words

5)  Once you're satisfied with your review, just click the blue "Create Review" button in the lower right corner and your review will be submitted, pending approval by the Vetcove team. Note: If you do not yet have a discuss forum user, you will be prompted to create one. 

6)  You can edit or see past reviews at any time via the My Reviews page, which can be found by clicking on the little person icon in the upper right corner of your Vetcove page and selecting on the "My Reviews" option from the dropdown menu.

You may also review items by heading to your "Review Your Purchases" page. This page consolidates recently purchased products to make it easier for you to select items that you'd like to review. You can access this page by clicking on "Review your purchases" under your forum name on the My Reviews page.

Commenting on & Reporting Posted Reviews:

  • Comment: Have a related question to the review or need more information from them? Simply follow up by hitting “Comment” below the review. 

  • Report: If you think a review is misleading, particularly unhelpful, or concerns you in a way that you believe warrants our attention – please hit “report” and we will check it out right away. 

  • Contact Us: Have important considerations about a product but not sure how to rate it? Reach out to us via the live chat on our site and we can advise on how to ensure your rating is as valuable as possible to the community!

Still have questions about product reviews? Feel free to click on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!

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