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Does Vetcove have access to my vendor account passwords, financial information, or other sensitive data?
Does Vetcove have access to my vendor account passwords, financial information, or other sensitive data?

Read about Vetcove's commitment to data security and privacy policies for all users of Vetcove.

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No need to worry, the answer is no!  The Vetcove team never has access to:

  • Your Vetcove password

  • Any of your vendor passwords

  • Your bank account information

  • Your credit card information

  • Your doctors' DEA license information

  • Any of your customers' records

  • Any sensitive personal information

We take password and data security very seriously here at Vetcove, and ensuring your (and your hospitals’) privacy is our top priority. The Vetcove team has no access to vendor passwords that are entered through the site (neither your Vetcove password, nor your vendor account passwords).

Passwords are entered into Vetcove by you only once, which is required to retrieve your negotiated pricing and stock information, and to place orders with each of your vendors. No member of the Vetcove team, including our engineers and administrators, will ever see any password entered into Vetcove’s systems. Upon entry, passwords are immediately secured using a bank-grade 256-bit encryption, and further protected using modern security technologies far beyond what any other company in animal health is able to achieve. Here are the technical details of password protection, written by one of Vetcove’s senior engineers:

Every request you make on our site is done over HTTPS, covered by a SHA2
certificate. Passwords themselves are secured by a protocol set that
employs the superior encryption standards expected of banking institutions
(using 256 bit keys, a KDF, and random salting to reinforce even weak or
commonly used passwords to the highest level of security).

Vetcove also has no access to your financial records, bank accounts, credit cards, DEA license information, or other sensitive personal information. Vetcove is completely removed from the billing and payment activities with your vendors. All financial information resides with the vendors directly, and is not accessible to Vetcove's systems, or the Vetcove team. No credit card or other financial information is required in order to use Vetcove.  Even for Vetcove Commerce items, which require upfront credit card payment, your credit card information is encrypted and stored using Stripe, a PCI-compliant payment processor, so Vetcove never sees or has access to Vetcove users’ credit cards for any reason.

Additionally, the Vetcove team does not have access to your veterinarians’ DEA license information, which also resides directly with your vendors that require it. However, please keep in mind that in order to access Vetcove, you must either be a licensed veterinarian, or be ordering on behalf of a licensed veterinarian, and we may ask you for further verification if our team is unable to verify that your account was opened behalf of a legitimate veterinary organization.

Vetcove also has no access to your Practice Management System, and hence does not access your customer records, dispensing data, employee information, or any other sensitive data that resides in those systems.

While Vetcove does not have access to general Practice Management Systems, as a Vetcove user, you will have the option to connect your Vetcove account with your Practice Inventory Management System (PIMS) to allow for easy ordering based on minimum quantities and quantities on hand. At this time PIMS integrations are only available for select systems. To see if your PIMS is supported on Vetcove, please reach out to our team via the live chat on our site!

Lastly, Vetcove does not share any data about your purchases with any third party for any reason that identifies your practice or any of the individuals in it. Your purchases are kept entirely private to you, and we’ll never sell your information or allow a commercial organization to obtain it.  Here is the relevant section of Vetcove's Privacy Policy that describes our promise not to use data irresponsibly:

Vetcove will not share or transmit, to any third party, any personally-
identifiable or clinic-identifiable data without their express consent or as
required by law. This includes data collected about product purchases,
pricing, order history or analytics data, or actions taken on Vetcove.
Furthermore, Vetcove will not, now or in the future, share your pricing
information (even if aggregated or de-identified), including but not limited
to group purchasing (GPO) and corporate hospital group pricing with any
third party for any reason. 

To learn more about Vetcove security and privacy measures, please read our Privacy Policy, or contact us by email at, or by phone at 646.504.2696.

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