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My customer is using Vetcove. What is it?
My customer is using Vetcove. What is it?
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Vetcove is a software platform that simplifies purchasing for veterinary organizations. It provides a single source of reference for research and order management across all major veterinary distributors, manufacturers, laboratories, and compounding pharmacies. Rather than using many separate websites, Vetcove enables vet organizations to centralize the process to save time and reduce frustration. You can think of it as an all-in-one ordering tool that your customers use to order from you and all of their other vendors. Your orders are still received through your company's website exactly the same way, and no logistics or finances are affected. Vetcove supports the catalogs of distributors, manufacturers, compounding pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, and office suppliers. It enables veterinary hospitals to:

  • Search one unified catalog across all veterinary vendors

  • Build shopping carts across vendor categories

  • Place orders with all vendors from one website

  • View all previous orders across vendors

  • View visual purchase and spend analytics

  • Participate in and track vendor programs

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