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FAQ's: AVMA Direct Connect Upgrade
FAQ's: AVMA Direct Connect Upgrade

Calling all AVMA members! Learn more about your upgraded Vetcove account here!

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What is AVMA Direct Connect?
Vetcove and AVMA have teamed up to bring you Direct Connect, the official purchasing platform of the American Veterinary Medical Association, powered by Vetcove. Direct Connect is an enhanced version of the Vetcove platform that adds several useful features to the Vetcove platform you've been using all along. It's the same Vetcove platform that you know and love, but with exciting new features designed exclusively for AVMA members and their colleagues.

Why did my account get upgraded?
We've identified that either you (or one of the doctors as your practice) is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and we wanted to provide you access to these enhanced features.

What changed on my Vetcove account?
Direct Connect adds several enhancements to the Vetcove platform, including a consumer pharmacy pricing tool that lets you compare your prices to what pet owners see at online pharmacies. You may also gain access to more free samples, exclusive vendor deals, enhanced analytics, and much more!

What is the Online Pharmacy Pricing Tool?

The Online Pharmacy Pricing Tool compares your prices with those that pet owners can see online at consumer pharmacies. With easy access to online prices, you'll be well-positioned to hone your in-house pricing strategies to best serve your clients. Click here to access it.

Will I lose any features or data in my account?
No way! All of the features you know and love are still there. Your connected vendors, purchase history, lists, and everything else was preserved exactly how you left them. You'll just gain access to extra features, and you may notice the look of the homepage and header bar are branded for AVMA Direct Connect.

What if I'm AAEP Inner Circle or AAFP Inner Circle?
If you're a part of AAEP or AAFP on Vetcove, you still retain your benefits after the upgrade, including access to the species-specific content and discussion boards. Going forward you'll have Direct Connect features and your Inner Circle benefits at once.

Are there any changes to data privacy?
No, there are no changes. Vetcove and AVMA have agreed to retain Vetcove's existing privacy policy and promise to the veterinary community to keep your pricing, purchases, and other information completely private to you and your practice.

Is there any downside to having my account upgraded?
Nope, none at all! Direct Connect has every Vetcove feature you've already had access to, along with several new ones!

Have a question about the upgrade? Reach out to us with the Live Chat button in the bottom right corner of Vetcove!

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