Practices are now able to earn cash back on popular brands, exclusively through Vetcove!

Vetcove works directly with product manufacturers to offer short-term Cash Back Deals on certain products, exclusively available on the Vetcove site. All of the deals are totally additive to any special pricing, promos, discounts, or rebates you might be receiving on these products. Below is an example of our Deals page showing an example of our past Cash Back Deals. The deals change frequently, so visit your Deals page to see what's current!

While you're shopping, we notify you that an item is eligible for cash back by displaying a box that allows you to activate that Cash Back Deal.

To claim this deal, simply click on the box next to Cash Back. Now, you'll see the pink "CB" icon for this item until the deal is over!

To redeem the Cash Back, you must activate the deal as shown above and you must checkout directly on Vetcove! For more info, check out our page "How do we redeem our Cash Back?"

Questions? Reach us in the Live Chat (blue icon in the lower right corner of your screen) or email

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