Why am I seeing a charge from Vetcove on my credit card statement?

In order to purchase products from some Vetcove Direct Vendors, you will need to have a payment method saved to your Vetcove account here. Any purchases made with Direct Vendors that require payment via credit card will appear on your credit card statement as a 'Vetcove' purchase, however this is not a service charge for using our platform, as Vetcove is 100% free, it is just how some of our Direct Vendors process payments! For more information about how Direct Vendors work, you'll want to take a peek at the following Help Center article, What are Direct From Vendor Items!

Please note that when purchasing from multiple Direct Vendors on the same day, the total amount of all purchases made will be shown on your credit card statement as a single charge.

How can I view purchases from Direct Vendors in my order history?

To find orders that were placed with a Direct Vendor you will want to filter the Order History page by supplier and select 'Vetcove' as the supplier:

Another easy way to tell that a vendor is a Direct Vendor is to look for the Vetcove paw print next to the supplier's name, as shown in the examples below:

How can I see what payment method was selected at the time of checkout?

Please note that in the bottom right corner of a given order's detail page you can view the payment method that was selected at the time of checkout for a Direct Vendor purchase!

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