Very little! Once the accounts are set up, the only thing you need to do is ensure that all of your hospitals' vendor accounts remain connected and up to date (which should be the case, anyway, if all of your clinics are using Vetcove to do their ordering).

For example, some vendors mandate a password change every 90 days, and those passwords must then be updated on Vetcove also. If a password changes on one website, it should also be changed on Vetcove. If not, our system won’t be able to pull order histories.

One way to take care of this maintenance is to simply send out a reminder email to all hospitals every couple of months to check that their accounts are still all connected to Vetcove and up to date (no new accounts created, etc.). They can quickly do this by doing a couple of general searches for products to ensure that prices load next to each product for each vendor that they believe they have connected.

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