What do I need to ask of my hospitals?
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The only thing that is required in order to make sure that Vetcove is a complete picture of your hospitals’ purchasing behavior from their distributors is that their vendor accounts remain connected to Vetcove. If a password is updated or new account created, that information must be updated on Vetcove. To do this, from the hospital’s own account (or through your use of the Peek feature on that hospital’s account through your corporate account), select the person icon in the upper right-hand corner, choose Connect Suppliers, and click on whichever supplier you’d like to update information for. Then, either enter new account information and connect the account or select disconnect and enter updated account credentials.

So long as vendor accounts are connected, the only thing we’d recommend you ask of your hospitals is to use Vetcove to do their purchasing! The corporate site is a great way for you to track purchasing habits, but using Vetcove is certainly the best way for your hospitals to ensure that they’re purchasing wisely and quickly.

We’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of hospitals that express how thankful they are that Vetcove exists to make their lives easier. Your individual hospitals will likely send similar thanks your way for introducing them to this platform to shop on. We like to think it’s by far the most efficient way to shop, and you’ll see the difference in the numbers when your clinics start using Vetcove.

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