The answer here is no. We take password and data security very seriously here at Vetcove, and ensuring your and your hospitals’ privacy is our top priority. The Vetcove team has no access to vendor passwords that are entered through the site (neither your Vetcove password nor your vendor account passwords).

Passwords are entered once through Vetcove in order to get the hospitals’ specific real time pricing and availability.Every request you make on our site is done over HTTPS, covered by a SHA2 certificate. Passwords themselves are secured by a protocol set that employs the superior encryption standards expected of banking institutions (using 256 bit keys, a KDF, and random salting to reinforce even weak or commonly used passwords to the highest level of security).

We also have no access to financial records, bank accounts, credit cards, DEA license information etc. Our site is completely removed from the actual purchase process through the vendors that we support, and there anything that is outside of the scope of displaying prices and availability is totally outside of the scope of the Vetcove system and the Vetcove team.

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