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Why do I need to add my vendor accounts?
Why do I need to add my vendor accounts?
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Distributors charge each clinic different prices, even for the exact same items. This is true for all distributors and the vast majority of items. The only exceptions are a few large manufacturers that mandate fixed prices across resellers.

Your reps determine your clinic's prices using a system of tiers, and can adjust your prices to earn your business.

Although many vendors list an MSRP price for items in your catalog, in reality this price is not what you actually pay for most items. Vetcove is most useful when you can view your own clinic's pricing while using Vetcove.

Adding your vendor accounts to Vetcove will enable you to view your clinic's own specific pricing on Vetcove, including any rep-negotiated prices or buying group (GPO) discounts.  The prices are real-time, and always match exactly what you'd see on your vendors' websites.

You will only see pricing on Vetcove from suppliers whose accounts you've connected, so we suggest connecting all accounts for which you have online access.

If you'd like more assistance understanding how pricing works on Vetcove, hit the chat button at the bottom-right of this page to speak with our team.

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