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How to Use The Credentials Page
How to Use The Credentials Page

This article details how to use the credentials page in your Utilities tab!

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This article details how to use the credentials page in your Utilities tab! You can easily manage your master credentials and sub-accounts with vendors here.

What are master credentials?

Master credentials are corporate group-level accounts with vendors (more commonly known as "bill-tos"). They're used to link information across all of your clinics, since clinics have their own individual accounts with vendors to manage purchasing and pricing.

The clinic accounts are sub-accounts of the parent (master) account, so the clinics only have access to their own information. Sub-accounts are also often called "ship-tos."

Why did we build this?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your master credentials and sub-accounts, as it's very useful to have all of your accounts connected properly.

With credentials set up and connected, all invoices/orders across all of your clinics will be visible to the corporate group. This ensure that there is always a steady stream of data available to the corporate group.

So, what is actually happening on this page?

This is the section of Vetcove where corporates can view the status of the connections between their clinic sub-accounts and Vetcove.

An important thing to note here is that all information on this page is pulled directly from the vendor's system. If you have a question regarding why your accounts are appearing in a certain way, it would be best to reach out to the vendor directly!

1. This page is broken out by supplier. Each supplier has its own unique account structure! We display how many sub-accounts from the available list for that supplier are being claimed by a particular hospital Vetcove account.

2. We pull out how many credentials are set up to access this supplier. Credentials would be a username and password combination - one username/password combo could have access to multiple sub-accounts.

3. The following information is available for each subaccount. Please note that this information comes from within the vendor accounts directly:

  • Credential: How many users have access to this particular sub-account. The email is their user ID.

  • Unique ID: This is the ID that the supplier uses to represent this particular sub-account.

  • Name: Name of the clinic

  • Person: Person associated with the account

  • Address: Address of the clinic (this is where products are shipped from the supplier)

  • Selected Clinic: The Vetcove clinic account that is tied to this supplier sub-account

4. If there is an exclamation point, it means this clinic's sub-account has not yet been selected by a clinic on Vetcove. You can select the clinic name from the dropdown to associate the subaccount with the appropriate clinic. This is very important to do because the corporate group will only see data in Vetcove from clinics that have been definitively linked to their sub-account.

5. This is where you can enter the master credentials for that supplier. If there are additional sub-accounts under that credential that were not already on Vetcove, we will now be able to bring them in to manage on this page.

Is this page the only way to link a vendor sub-account with a clinic's Vetcove account?

No. When clinics sign up on the practice-facing version of Vetcove, the first thing we'll ask them to do is connect their supplier accounts. The credentials could have access to one sub-account, or multiple. When a user's credentials have access to multiple sub-accounts, we will ask them to select which sub-account(s) they want to connect (also known as "claiming the account"). We require them to choose a sub-account in order to shop.

When a sub-account is claimed here, we are creating a link between it and a Vetcove clinic account. It's actually the same thing as selecting a clinic from the drop-down on the master credentials page!

How are master credentials' unique IDs structured?

IDs generally have the same format:

12345678 - 001

12345678 - 002

12345678 - 003

^12345678 is the ID for the master account. The 00X is the specific sub-account for that hospital. Different suppliers will have different amounts of master digits (e.g. Covetrus master credentials will always be eight digits).

Each clinic will only see the information for their sub-account, but the corporate group sees all of these combinations.

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