To add a hospital that your group has acquired to your corporate platform, you will first want to determine whether that practice already has an active Vetcove account. If your clinic already has an active Vetcove account, please follow option 1 below. If the clinic does not yet have an active Vetcove account, please follow option 2.

1. Adding a Clinic With an Existing Vetcove Account to Your Corporate Platform

If you're looking to add an existing Vetcove account to your corporate platform, you'll want to reach out to the practice to have them mark themselves as part of your corporate group.

To do this, the practice will want to login to their hospital's Vetcove account, click on the little grey person icon on the top right, then click on Account & Settings.

From there, they'll want to click on Clinic Information, then scroll down to "Is your practice owned by a corporate hospital group?" Change the selection to Yes on the right side, then select the appropriate corporate group from the drop down menu.

Then, you'll be able to approve the addition of their practice from within your corporate portal! To do this, you may click on the little grey person icon on the top right, then Settings. On the left hand column, click on Pending Clinics.

The practice should now be appearing in this list for you to approve or deny.

2. Creating a New Clinic to Add to Your Corporate Platform

If the practice does not have an existing Vetcove account, you can create their account from within your corporate login which will automatically link them up into your corporate group!

To do this, you'll want to login using your corporate login, then click on the little grey person icon in the top right corner, then click on Settings.

Then, you'll want to click on Manage Clinics from the left hand column, then the blue Add Clinic button on the top right!

From there, you may fill in all of the relevant clinic information for that specific practice, then click Add Clinic at the bottom.

After the clinic is added, it will show up in the Manage Clinics tab in your Settings page where you can edit this information, as well as invite hospital users to the account. Note that you will need to invite at least one practice user to the clinic once it's created.

To learn more about how to add and manage practice users from your corporate login, check out our How to Add and Manage Hospital Users From Your Corporate Platform article!

Still need help? Send us a message in our Live Chat (the little blue icon in the bottom right corner of Vetcove) and our support team would be happy to help!


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