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Getting Started with Vetcove
How to Create A Vetcove Account
How to Create A Vetcove Account

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and fully set-up a Vetcove account for your practice.

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Welcome! We're thrilled that you're ready to start using Vetcove to help your practice save time and money while purchasing. As a quick review, Vetcove is a free website that lets you compare prices and what's in stock across all animal health vendors at once. The concept is sort of like Expedia or Amazon, but exclusively for veterinary organizations! It's one unified catalog that includes all major animal health vendors, giving you a one-stop-shop to research and compare products. You still place orders with the distributors you already use, and that best part is… your billing, special pricing, and rep relationships stay exactly the same.

To begin, simply head to the Vetcove Sign Up Page and begin filling out your information! This will include the email you will ultimately use to sign in (as well as where any Vetcove communications will be sent to), the first and last name (typically the person that will primarily be using the account), as well as some other miscellaneous clinic information.

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Then, you'll be taken to a page where you may provide more detailed information about your clinic! You'll be asked to provide basic practice information, in addition to a few specific questions.

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Do you belong to a Buying Group?

This field will simply let our team know which GPO you're part of if any. If you're unsure, you may leave it blank!

As long as your GPO memberships are already being applied to your vendor accounts directly, no further action is needed on our end. We sync in any special pricing that you already have set up with your vendors as part of a GPO or otherwise!

Is your practice owned by a Corporate Hospital Group?

This field will link you up with your existing corporate group's management platform if one is available. You'll have the option to fill this out or update this at any time from within your Vetcove account later on once it's created, as well!

Then, on the third and final page, you'll be asked to fill out information about your vendor accounts! Please note that not all vendors listed on this page are currently supported – this page is primarily designed to help us learn about your practice and prioritize future integrations! Later on, in the setup process, you will actually go ahead and connect the specific vendor accounts that you're using to your Vetcove account.

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You'll then be taken through a brief slideshow showing you how to use your newly created account.

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You may exit this tutorial anytime by clicking on Exit Tutorial in the center at the bottom!

Congratulations! You've created your Vetcove account. πŸŽ‰

How to Access your Account

Now, you may access your account anytime by visiting in any browser or downloading our free Mobile App and logging in with your username/email! If you need to reset your password, you may click here.

Next step: Connecting Your Vendors

The final step is to connect your vendor accounts on the Connect Your Suppliers page! This will sync in all of your practice's specific pricing, stock/availability, order history, and promotions.

ℹ️ Your clinic's accounts are secured with 256-bit (online banking level) encryption, along with a number of additional modern security technologies, to ensure their safety.

Here is an easy, step-by-step process for adding your vendor accounts to Vetcove:

  1. Log in to your Vetcove account at If you do not have a Vetcove account yet, you may create one here.

  2. Once you're logged in, you're ready to connect your accounts. You'll be prompted to do so during signup, and can return to add more vendors anytime from the Connect Suppliers page. The Connect Suppliers page is accessible anytime by clicking on the little person icon at the top-right of the page, and selecting Connect Suppliers from the dropdown menu that appears.

  3. When you reach the Connect Suppliers page, click on the logo / icon of the vendor you'd like to connect. You may connect your account for any of the vendors that are displayed on the Connect Supplier page.

  4. You will be prompted to enter your credentials for your supplier account. Please note that this is the username and password you would use to log into your supplier's website directly. If you do not have online access with your supplier, contact your vendor rep, or head to the vendor's website directly to request online access.

  5. After you have typed your credentials, click on the blue "Connect Vendor" button.

  6. If applicable, you will then be prompted to select your clinic's specific subaccount/s to shop under when on Vetcove. The accounts you select here will be used for syncing your order history, earning rewards on purchases, and tracking loyalty programs.

  7. Congratulations! You have connected a supplier account to Vetcove. Repeat this for all of your vendors to be an awesome purchaser and have the best possible experience using Vetcove. If you open new vendor accounts, be sure to return to the Connect Supplier page to connect them to Vetcove once you've obtained online access.

Once you've connected your account, up to two years of backdated order history will automatically sync into Vetcove. The purchase data will also be added to your visual analytics, which provides you with useful information that helps you optimize your purchasing behavior!

Trouble connecting to a vendor?

  • Invalid Login: Check that you have the most up-to-date credentials by logging into the vendor's website directly without using autofill or autologin! You may reset your password on the vendor website or reach out to the vendor if you are unsure of your credentials.

  • No Online Shopping Access: Note that you'll need to have online access with a given vendor in order to connect your account to Vetcove. If you have an active account with a vendor, but aren't yet set up to shop online with them, you may learn more about how to set up online access here.

Still have questions? Find answers here:

Now what?

That's it! Your Vetcove account is ready to rock. πŸš€ If you need help or have questions please send us a message in our Live Chat, which is the little blue icon in the bottom right corner for immediate assistance! You may also email or call (646) 504-2696.

You may also schedule a 1-on-1 tutorial of the platform with one of our experienced support members here.

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