Managing Your Clinics

Looking for helpful tips on how to manage your clinics from your corporate login? Then you've come to the right place!

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First, if you'd simply like to either view a practice's information or take a peek into their hospital's account, I would recommend checking out our Peeking at a Practice article!

If you would like to edit, add, remove, or otherwise manage/update the hospital's account info directly, you may click on the little grey person icon on the top right corner, then click on Settings.

From there, you may click on Manage Clinics on the left side.

This will bring up a full list of all practice locations available for you to manage. You may click on Filter Clinics at the top to locate the practice you're looking for! Once you've found the practice you're looking for, you may manage it in the following ways:

View Users

The View Users button will allow you to view each of the practice's active users! From there you may view their name, email, and permission level. You may also click on the icons on the right side to reinvite (which resends their invitation email), edit, or delete the user.

Invite User

You may also click on Invite User to add a new user to the hospital's account. It will pop up a window that looks something like this:

The new hospital user will then receive an email invitation in their inbox with instructions on completing their new login.

Edit Clinic

Finally, you may edit the clinic's account information directly by clicking on Edit Clinic. This will bring you to a page where you may view and edit practice info such as address, phone number, name, acquisition date, add or remove from a region(s), or practice type. You may also click on one of the other tabs in the column on the left to view information such as:

  • Orders and order details

  • Budgets (add or remove)

  • Alerts (add or remove)

  • Connected vendors

Remove Clinic

You also have the option to remove a clinic from your corporate platform by clicking on Remove Clinic.

Export Tools

Please note that you also have access to a couple different Export tools on this page as well! The export tools provide a CSV file that you may open in excel, Google Sheets, or import into another program as needed!

Export Clinics will provide a report of each clinic's name, buyer ID/hospital ID, acquisition date, and an optional location ID.

Export Clinic Users will provide a report of every user for each clinic including what permissions they have access to.

Still need help? Send us a message in our Live Chat (the little blue icon in the bottom right corner of Vetcove) and our support team would be happy to help!


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