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Will our invoices still come from our suppliers?
Will our invoices still come from our suppliers?
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Yes! Vetcove doesn't change the way your supplier receives your order (which also means your reps won't be affected). With Vetcove, you can compare pricing, add items to all of your vendor’s carts from one site, and checkout from all vendors without ever having to leave Vetcove’s website. All payments are made to and processed by your distributors. Vetcove does not make transactions on your behalf, so your invoices will still come from your suppliers just as they did before Vetcove. 

For more information about the checkout process, see our article about Completing Checkout.  



If you still have questions regarding invoices, or anything else about Vetcove, you can live chat with us any time by hitting the chat button at the bottom right of your screen. 

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