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Does Vetcove have access to my supplier account passwords or my financial information?
Does Vetcove have access to my supplier account passwords or my financial information?
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No need to worry, the answer is no! We don't have access to your supplier account passwords or your financial information. We take security very seriously here at Vetcove, and we believe you have a right to absolute privacy. Ensuring the security of all veterinary organizations’ data is a top priority for us!

The Vetcove team does not have access to any clinic's passwords, for either Vetcove accounts or vendor accounts. You only input your vendor account credentials into Vetcove once, which going forward enables you to view your clinic's own pricing on Vetcove, including your rep-negotiated and purchasing group pricing. 

Vetcove also has no access to your financial records, bank accounts, or credit card information, as Vetcove is not involved in the checkout or billing processes between you and your vendors.  All financial information resides with the vendors directly, and is not accessible to Vetcove's systems, or the Vetcove team.  No credit card or other financial information is required in order to use Vetcove.  

Additionally, the Vetcove team does not have access to your or your veterinarian's DEA license information, which also resides directly with your vendors.  However, do keep in mind, in order to access Vetcove, you must either be a licensed veterinarian, or be ordering on behalf of a licensed veterinarian, and we may ask you for further verification.

To learn more about Vetcove security and privacy measures, take a peek at our article about supplier login credentials!

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