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Section 2: Modifying your vendor carts on Vetcove
Section 2: Modifying your vendor carts on Vetcove

This article will explain how to make changes to the items in your vendor carts after you've added them

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You can modify all of your vendors' carts directly on Vetcove! Any changes you make to your vendors carts on Vetcove will be automatically reflected on your vendors' websites too. The reverse is also true: Adding or removing an item on your vendor's website will also take the same action on Vetcove!

Here are ways you can manipulate your vendors' carts. The image below identifies the most important functions of the cart page:

  • Remove an Item - Just click Remove, and the item will be deleted from the vendor's cart. 

  • Change Quantity - Want more (or fewer) items than you originally added to cart? Just change the desired quantity, using the dropdown.  For quantities over 19, you can select the "Enter Quantity" text at the bottom of the dropdown. This allows you to hand-enter any number.

  • Shipping minimum - If you have not yet met your shipping minimum (you can set your shipping minimum manually on your “Connect Suppliers” page) there will be a flag notifying you here.

  • Move Items Between Vendor Carts - Clicking the Switch Supplier button brings up a small window showing you other vendor options for this specific item. This window will show pricing and stock information for each alternative vendor. Selecting an alternate vendor by clicking the green "+" icon will move the item from one vendor's cart to the new vendor's cart. Note that the price will be updated to the price offered by the vendor you just switched to. This is a particularly useful feature if you need to meet minimum order amounts to get free shipping. 

At the bottom of each vendor's cart, you'll see the total dollar amount of items you currently have in the vendor's cart.  When viewing the All Carts tab, you'll see a summary of the total dollar amounts you have in each vendor cart, as well as a "Grand Total" of all items currently in all carts!

If you have made changes to your carts directly on one of your vendor's websites and do not see those changes within your Vetcove cart right away, click on the Refresh Cart button in an individual supplier cart, or the Refresh All Carts button on the All Carts tab.  This ensures your carts on Vetcove are completely in sync with your vendors' carts, up to the second!


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