Adding items to your vendor shopping carts

Learn how to add items to your vendors' shopping carts right from Vetcove's search results page

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Adding Items to Your Shopping Carts

To add an item to your Vetcove cart, in the right-hand column, simply click on the vendor you'd like to buy from and this item will be placed directly into your Vetcove cart for that vendor.

A  window will appear that displays vendor-specific information about the item. Simply select the desired quantity, and click the green Add to Cart button.

When you click the button, Vetcove interfaces with your vendor's cart.  After a short delay, you'll see a green banner on the bottom of your screen that will notify you that the item has successfully been added to cart, both on Vetcove, and on your vendor's website. If you get an error message, try adding the item again. If you are still getting an error, send the team a live chat explaining the error and we will help you right away.

On the product listing, you'll notice diagonal gray bars over the vendor whose cart you just added the item to.  This reminds you that the item is currently in your cart, and is especially helpful if you're purchasing from a saved list.

Still have questions about adding items to vendors' carts on Vetcove?

 Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!  

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