Accessing Your Vendor Shopping Carts

To access and view your carts, click on the Cart icon in the upper right area of the navigation bar. The cart icon may include a number above it, indicating the number of unique/different products currently in all of your vendors' carts combined. Multiple quantities of a single item are only counted once. It looks like this:

Viewing Your Vendor Carts

When you click the Cart icon, you'll arrive at Vetcove's unified cart page. This page is all of your vendors carts in one. It looks something like the image below:

On the left-hand side of the page, you'll see the names of all of the suppliers you've added to Vetcove. To view just one vendor's cart at a time, simply click the name of the vendor in the left-hand column. When you do so, you'll see all items currently in that vendor's cart. It will exactly match the contents of the cart on your vendors' websites as well!

Above all of the vendor names is the "All Carts" tab.  This is the default view, and shows all items in all of your vendors carts in a single list.  When viewing All Carts, the name of the vendor will appear to the left of the product to indicate which cart the item is currently in.


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