Section 1: Viewing Invoices on Vetcove

Ensure your vendors are connected and learn how to navigate the Vetcove invoice feature

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You may now view and manage invoices for select vendors directly within the Vetcove platform! Do keep in mind that this feature is limited to select corporate groups and for select vendors – if you are unable to view invoices but believe your practice should have access, please reach out to our team via the live chat on our site! 

For those practices that have access to the Vetcove invoice feature, you will be able to view your invoices by heading to the top header bar and clicking Orders > Orders & Invoices > Invoices:

Make Sure Your Vendors are Connected

Invoices will automatically be pulled into Vetcove for supported vendors, so long as your account for that vendor is fully connected on our Connect Supplier page. If you are unsure if a certain vendor is supported for invoices on Vetcove, please reach out to our team via our live chat.

To check that a vendor is fully connected, please head to the Connect Supplier page from the little person icon in the upper right corner of Vetcove – you will then want to click on the vendor's name and verify that you see a "You're Connected" message. You will also want to make sure all relevant accounts are selected under the "Update Connected Accounts" section:

Invoices Dashboard Breakdown

On the Invoices Dashboard you will see an overview of your invoices, broken down by vendor, as well as status. From the options in the upper right corner of the dashboard, you may choose to sort by invoice status, or alter the time period selected:

To view all invoices associated with a given vendor, please click on the vendor's name. Alternatively, if you would like to view all invoices individually, please select the Invoices tab from the options at the top of the page. This general invoice page can then be filtered by:

  • Supplier 

  • Invoice Status

  • Match

  • Invoice Date

  • Invoice Number

Individual Invoice Pages

If you click on any given invoice, you will be able to view a PDF or image of your invoice along with an itemized list of items in that invoice. You will see each item, the quantity ordered, the item price and a field to enter the quantity received. On the right-hand side of your page you will see an invoice summary including the subtotal, received status, and invoice reference details:

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