FAQ Connecting Suppliers

Answers to some common questions about connecting vendor accounts on Vetcove!

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Why do I have to connect my suppliers?

  • Connecting a supplier to Vetcove enables you to view your clinic’s special pricing, what’s in stock, active promotions, and order history.

  • Since there is no such standard pricing from any veterinary distributor, adding your account to Vetcove allows you to see your clinic’s own pricing while using Vetcove, including special pricing from your reps and buying group (GPO) discounts. Adding your account also ensures you’re authorized to view information from a given supplier.

Is it safe to enter my credentials?

  • Yes, your clinic's accounts are secured with 256-bit (online banking level) encryption, along with a number of additional modern security technologies, to ensure their safety. You can read more about this here.

I only have an account number for my supplier, how do I connect it to Vetcove?

  • In order to connect a supplier to Vetcove, you must first have online access set up on the supplier's website directly! If you do not yet have a username and password created for your supplier account, you may wish to contact your supplier directly to help you get set up. Once you have have access to shop via the supplier website, you should be all set to connect on Vetcove. If needed, you may find supplier support numbers here.

I can log in on the supplier website but Vetcove says I have no online shopping access. How do I proceed?

  • Some suppliers have several websites, and you'll need a log in that works specifically for their online shopping site in order to connect on Vetcove. You need to ensure that you can log in and search/shop for items on that website. As long as that is the case, we should be all set to connect! All of the supplier websites can be found here.

Why am I receiving an invalid username/password error?

  • Sometimes browsers save a different version of your credentials and try to auto-login your account with an old username or password, so be sure to type in both your username and password on Vetcove and do not use autofill.

  • We always like to recommend that you also try manually typing in your credentials on the supplier website directly to confirm you are using the most up-to-date credentials to access your account. If needed, all of the supplier website links can be found here.

My supplier is connected but it says "Please Select Accounts to Claim". How do I proceed?

  • If one of your suppliers is highlighted in blue and displays a message prompting you to select accounts to claim, that is an indication that your account for that supplier is successfully connected to Vetcove, but you have yet to claim a subaccount for order history and cash back purposes.

  • Please click on the supplier, locate and click on your clinic's account number(s) for that supplier in the dropdown, and then click the blue "Select Accounts to Link" button at the bottom of the page. The accounts you select here will be used for syncing your order history, earning rewards on purchases, and tracking loyalty programs!

I am prompted to select my clinic's subaccount, but it is already linked to another Vetcove account. What does this mean, and how do I proceed?

  • Have no fear! This message is typically an indication of a supplier account that is shared by multiple locations, a previously existing Vetcove account for your practice that is no longer active, or a case where another clinic accidentally selected your account.

  • To correct the issue or to get in contact with the Vetcove Customer Experience Team, please click on the blue "I'm having trouble claiming my account" text and select the option that best describes your situation:

I am prompted to select my clinic's subaccount, but my clinic is not listed. How do I proceed?

  • We do like to recommend trying to search by your clinic name, address, and/or account number. You may wish to use the "control + F" function to quickly search your subaccount.

  • When you enter one of your supplier accounts on our Connect Suppliers page, we will display all subaccounts associated with that login in the supplier's system. If you are not seeing your clinic listed, we recommend logging in directly on the supplier website to confirm you are seeing the same. If your clinic subaccount is not listed on the supplier website, you will want to contact the supplier directly to ensure that your account is activated in their system. If needed, you may find supplier support numbers here.

One of my suppliers is not listed on the Connect Suppliers page. How do I connect them?

  • It is possible that one or more of your suppliers list their products for direct sale through Vetcove as one of our Vetcove Vendors. If this is the case, you do not need to connect an account with them! You just need to ensure that you have a payment method on file here. You can read more about how direct from vendor products work here.

  • Vetcove does plan to add more suppliers in the near future – if you'd like to request the addition of a supplier, please let us know via the live chat! Additionally, feel free to contact the company and let them know that you’d like for them to allow connection to Vetcove!

I can't log into my account on the supplier's website. How do I proceed?

  • You'll want to contact the supplier directly for assistance in gaining access to your account on their website. All of the supplier contact information can be found here. Once you can log in to your account on the supplier's website, you should be all set to connect your account to Vetcove.

Can I change my password for a supplier on Vetcove?

  • In order to change your password for a given supplier account, you'll want to do so on the supplier website directly! All of the supplier websites can be found here.

I can't remember my supplier passwords! Do you have access to them?

  • We do not have access to any passwords on Vetcove! We suggest visiting the supplier's online shopping website. From there, you should be able to reset your password. After doing so, you should be all set to come back to Vetcove and visit the Connect Suppliers page to connect your account with your updated credentials!

I have a new account number with a supplier. How do I replace the currently linked account on Vetcove?

  • You'll simply want to disconnect and reconnect your account on Vetcove! From the Connect Suppliers page, click on the desired supplier and scroll down. Please select the option to Disconnect Account. Once you do so, you'll be able to enter in your new login credentials!

If I disconnect an old supplier account number, can I still see that order history on my Vetcove account?

  • Yes! To keep order history on your Vetcove account for an account that you wish to disconnect, head to the Connect Suppliers page, click on the supplier, select "Disconnect Account". Please then select the option to "Keep my order history from this account visible" and then click "Yes, Disconnect My Account". This will keep the order history for your old account visible!

If you have any questions about connecting suppliers that are more specific or not answered in this article, please take a look at the rest of our Help Center, or live chat us at any time using the button at the bottom right of your screen.

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