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Viewing & Managing Your Regions
Viewing & Managing Your Regions

This article describes how to view and manage your Regions!

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What are Regions?

Regions are a great way to divide your corporate locations into smaller subsets and give your regional managers access to a subset of the clinics in the corporate group. You may assign multiple practices to a Region, then you may assign one or more Regions to a particular regional manager. This would enable specific corporate team members to view and manage any practices within their assigned Regions!

Viewing your Regions

From your homepage, you'll see a dynamic map at the top showing all practices within the Regions that your login is assigned to. As a default, it will display All Regions, but on the top right you may click on Select a Region if you would like to narrow your view to one specific region.

❗ Please note that if you select a region on your homepage, the other reporting pages will update to only show information for that specific region, as well (e.g. missed savings).

Managing your Regions

To manage your Regions, click on the little grey person icon on the top right, then Settings, then Manage Regions on the left side.

If you need to add/remove a practice from a region or update the region name you may click on Edit on the right side!

If you need to create a new region, click on the blue Create a New Region button on the top right or if you need to delete a region you may click Delete on the right side of any region.

You may also add clinics to a region from your Manage Clinics page as well. To learn more about how to manage clinics, you may view our Managing Your Clinics article.

❗ Additionally, if you're using regions, you'll want to make sure every clinic you create or add is assigned to at least one region to ensure no corporate users are missing any data!

​Still need help? Send us a message in our Live Chat (the little blue icon in the bottom right corner of Vetcove) and our support team would be happy to help!


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