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Viewing Practice Order History
Viewing Practice Order History

This is a step-by-step guide on how to access a practice's order history or find a specific order!

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If you're looking to view all orders from clinics in your region, or orders for a specific practice, you may do the following:

View All Orders From Clinics in Your Region

To view all orders from clinics in your region, you may click on Orders at the top of your page, then Orders from the drop down menu.

This will display all orders from all clinics within your region and will automatically arrange them chronologically (newest at the top in descending order). If you're looking for a specific order from within this list, you may click on Filter on the right hand side. Commonly used filters are:

  • Suppliers: Only view orders placed with a specific vendor

  • Clinics: Only view orders placed by a specific clinic

  • Date: Only view orders within a specific date range

  • Search Orders: Search to pull up orders containing a specific keyword(s) or item

An additional filter that can be enabled is Receipt Status, which would be used if your clinics are creating receipts based off orders. You would be able to filter for orders based on whether those receipts are In Progress, Partially Received, Fully Received, Not Received, or No Receipts.

Once you've located the order you wish to view, you may click on the order itself to view the Order Details page for more information about that specific order!

You can also export this list of orders (or items) to Excel by clicking the "Export" button in the upper right hand corner. This will send a link to a CSV to your email, and will make a download available under Utilities > File Exports.

View Orders for a Specific Practice

If you would like to immediately view orders for a specific practice, you may scroll down on your homepage to the Hospital Locations section and search for a given practice using the filter hospital locations tool. Once you've found the desired clinic, simply click on Orders:

This will take you to the hospital page where you can view all orders, as well as a variety of other information regarding the practice!

Similar to the aggregated view, you will also see an option to export this data into a CSV.

Still need help? Send us a message in our Live Chat (the little blue icon in the bottom right corner of Vetcove) and our support team would be happy to help!


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