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FAQs: Getting Started With Vetcove
How do I get pricing and stock to appear from my vendors?
How do I get pricing and stock to appear from my vendors?
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To view pricing and stock availability for item listings, you'll need to connect your vendor accounts to Vetcove. You'll only be able to view pricing and stock for those suppliers for which you have accounts connected! While adding your supplier accounts is not required to use some of Vetcove's other features, we highly recommend connecting all active accounts you possess to view the widest possible breadth of pricing and availability.

It is good to note that you must also have online access with your vendors in order to successfully connect them to Vetcove. This means that you can login and place orders using their online shopping portal! For more information regarding vendor online access, click here.

To learn more about connecting your vendors to Vetcove, take a look at our other articles about why you need to sync your accounts and security.

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