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I can't seem to get my Vendor to connect...
I can't seem to get my Vendor to connect...
Updated over a week ago

There are two common problems when trying to connect a Vendor!

Sometimes it's as simple as making sure you're using the right credentials. First I would try typing your username and password directly into the website for the vendor you are trying to connect, but without using the autofill. Type it in manually- sometimes the computer saves an older version. Here, you'll be able to see any errors that might occur directly (such as invalid credentials, locked account, inactive account, etc).

My credentials are correct and it still doesn't work. Now what?

I would also make sure your existing account is set up for online access, which you can do by visiting one of the following websites or reaching out to your rep! 

Wedgewood Pharmacy: no additional online access should be needed aside from having a regular account to login with

If your username and password are correct and it still does not work, most cases this means your account is not yet set up for the online access. If neither of these options seems to fix the problem, please message us in our live chat so we can give you a hand!



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