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Are customer prices on Vetcove always accurate?
Are customer prices on Vetcove always accurate?
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Yes, pricing on Vetcove is always accurate and customer-specific.The pricing on Vetcove is retrieved from each vendor's own systems, in real time, using the specific account of the customer.

For this reason, the pricing on Vetcove will always, 100% of the time, match the pricing the customer would see if they visited each company’s eCommerce website and viewed the same product.If a company's eCommerce website takes into account each customer's GPO and special pricing (most do), Vetcove will display that GPO-negotiated tier, or any other pricing tier that customer is on!Rest assured that your customers will always see the same exact price from your company, whether they're shopping on Vetcove, or on your company's eCommerce website.Remember also that they'll still only see just their own price, since Vetcove never shares pricing across clinics!

Additionally, using Vetcove still allows a customer to receive all promotions and special discounts they could otherwise get at a distributor or manufacturer’s website too—whether that's free product, rebates, or anything else.Remember that companies receive orders the exact same way, and commissions are not at all affected.

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