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Does Vetcove share any pricing data between clinics?
Does Vetcove share any pricing data between clinics?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely not. Per our Code of Ethics, Vetcove does not share any pricing, even in aggregated or deidentified form.

Vetcove respects the way manufacturers and distributors do business and takes every measure to ensure widespread use of Vetcove does not disrupt the way the ecosystem currently functions. All pricing on Vetcove is kept strictly private to each clinic, and a given customer's pricing is never shared with any Vetcove customer, or any third party, for any reason. 

Hospitals on Vetcove can only see one set of pricing from each vendor, which is the pricing a given vendor currently offers them, as viewable to them on that vendor's website when they login. The pricing they see will always match what they would see on their vendor's website and includes their GPO or special pricing. Note that Vetcove customers will never see what pricing tier they are on, or how their pricing compares to other customers.

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