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Troubleshooting: "I'm getting an error: No Online Shopping Access"
Troubleshooting: "I'm getting an error: No Online Shopping Access"

If you are getting an error that you do not have online shopping access for a vendor account, here's what you can do...

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In order to connect on Vetcove, you will want to be sure that your vendor account is set up for the vendor's online shopping in particular! Some vendors have several websites, and you'll need a log in that works specifically for their online shopping site and allows you to place orders online.

Contact the vendor or follow the provided links on the Connect Suppliers page to set up online shopping access for your vendor account. Once you've done so, you'll be all set to connect on Vetcove!

Below are the support numbers for the vendors integrated on Vetcove if you wish to contact them:

  • Amatheon: (800) 399-8387

  • American Regent: (800) 645-1706

  • BI: (888) 637-4251 Opt. 1, then opt. 5

  • Covetrus: (855) 724-3461

  • First Vet: (800) 998-4661

  • Idexx: (888) 794-3399

  • Midwest: (800) 643-9378

  • Miller (East): (855) 645-7838

  • Miller (Texas): (800) 880-1920

  • MWI: (800) 824-3703

  • Patterson: (800) 225-7911

  • Penn Vet: (800) 233-0210

  • Pharmsource: (954) 487-1559

  • Staples: (877) 826-7755

  • Victor: (800) 888-8908

  • Wedgewood: (877) 357-6613

  • Zoetis: (888) 963-8471

After ensuring that your vendor account has online shopping access, please don't hesitate to reach out via Live Chat for assistance, if needed!

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