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I have not received my free sample...
I have not received my free sample...

If you expected to receive one of your free samples by now, here's what to do.

Updated over a week ago

Some manufacturers offer free samples on Vetcove. You're able to order up to three samples at a time, and once received and utilized in practice, you're then asked leave a review on Vetcove in order to claim another sample!

If you claimed a sample a few weeks ago and haven't received it yet, here's what you can do:

  1. Go to the Order History and Filter by "Vetcove" as the supplier. Click into the order to view your sample request.

  2. Looking at the order details, you should be able to see if the vendor marked the shipping date of your order.

  3. You will see tracking information near the bottom if it has been made available by the vendor.

  4. Contact information for the vendor may be seen on the right hand side. Feel free to reach out to the vendor for an update on the status of your sample!

If you are unable to get in touch with the vendor, please use the live chat at the lower right of the screen to let our team know!

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