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Vetcove's ambassador program: The Cove Crew
Vetcove's ambassador program: The Cove Crew

Vetcove offers an ambassador program for enthusiastic Vetcove users who go above and beyond when it comes to inventory.

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Our team is thrilled to offer an ambassador program: The Cove Crew. This is an exclusive group of enthusiastic Vetcove users that help guide interested veterinary professionals, are leaders in the community, and take an active role in spreading the benefits of Vetcove to veterinary organizations across the country. Ambassadors are an extension of the Vetcove team, ready to represent, advocate, and love all things Vetcove!

What are the responsibilities of a Cove Crew Member?

Expert in All Things Vetcove

Cove Crew members not only actively use Vetcove to its fullest potential, but they're always familiar with hidden tips and tricks and best practices. They also gain access to new features as soon as they are released and in some cases are even entered into an early beta group release. They are familiar with our Help Center and can direct others to the appropriate content, FAQs, and visual guides when needed!

Liaison to Groups & Organizations

Cove Crew members are not only actively involved with Vetcove, but they are also active members of various local veterinary groups, communities, and organizations. These individuals actively monitor and participate in discussions regarding Vetcove and related topics. They're constantly introducing Vetcove to their organizations at every opportunity to help spread the benefits of Vetcove to other practices that really need it.

Refer Practices to Vetcove

Cove Crew members are our champion in the veterinary community. They spread the word about Vetcove actively and enthusiastically. They even receive their own unique referral code to help track signups! Cove Crew members typically refer 2-3 new practices to Vetcove each month.

Discussion & Product Review Leaders

Our ambassadors actively participate in the Vetove discussion board and take a leadership role in writing product as well as service provider reviews. Cove Crew members typically submit 10 or more reviews each month and are actively commenting on various discussion posts as well as creating their own new threads to drive conversation.

Commitment to Spreading the Truth

Sometimes, we find that there is misinformation floating around about Vetcove, most of which tends to originate with distributor or vendor representatives that are either unfamiliar with how Vetcove works or have been provided incorrect information from an another source. This may make some practices hesitant to use Vetcove. Our ambassadors share the truth and correct any misinformation whenever it's encountered!

Exemplary Conduct

Our Cove Crew is an extension of the Vetcove team itself. This means that anything that is said or done, both online and offline, reflects on the Vetcove brand (and all of us here at Vetcove). Our Cove Crew members always behave professionally, respectfully, with positivity, and in a manner consistent with the high standards we’ve set for ourselves here at Vetcove HQ.

What does Vetcove provide to Cove Crew Members?

Our ambassadors are provided with all of the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to become a voice for Vetcove in their veterinary community. We also help them connect with one another to truly build a deeper sense of community by holding virtual meetings, webinars, seminars, training sessions, and discussions.

Not only will we be sure to send our ambassadors a ton of Vetcove swag and goodies, but we will also feature our elite Cove Crew ambassadors on the Vetcove website! Our ambassadors will also be granted VIP beta access to new Vetcove features, have an exclusive ambassador badge on the Vetcove discuss forums, and much more!

  • Vetcove swag packages

  • Thank you and appreciation gifts

  • Exclusive website feature page

  • Exclusive Ambassador badge on discuss forum

  • VIP Beta access to new features

  • Exclusive webinars, online meetups, seminars, product feedback discussions, and more

  • A whole lot of bragging rights!

We are thrilled to have such a wonderful group of passionate and enthusiastic veterinary professionals in our Cove Crew. They truly are our champions in the veterinary community!

Are you interested in becoming a Vetcove Ambassador and joining the Cove Crew?

If the topics mentioned above sound like something you would like to start becoming a part of (or if you've realized that you're essentially already a freelancing Vetcove ambassador, we may as well make it official!), please reach out to our support team via the Live Chat or with a message stating you're interesting in becoming part of the Cove Crew. We will be opening our official application process back up soon and reaching out to potential candidates!


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