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How do I track an order or view order status?
How do I track an order or view order status?

If the vendor has provided tracking information, it may be viewed alongside the order status from the Order History Details page.

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If a vendor has provided tracking information on their website, we pull it in to show on Vetcove, too! You may view your tracking information and order status by clicking Orders in the header bar and selecting 'Orders' in the drop down menu Then, click into an order on this Order History page to view the details!

If you have further questions about your order or shipment information, we suggest reaching out to the vendor directly for further information. When placing orders on Vetcove, your vendors still handle the processing, billing, and shipping, so they would best best be able to help you here!

Did you recently place an order on Vetcove but don't see it in your order history? Check out this article for further information.

Not seeing any order history for a given vendor? Read this article to learn how to claim your subaccounts to view order history.

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