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How do I return, cancel, or change an order?
How do I return, cancel, or change an order?

If you need to return, cancel, or change an order, you'll want to contact the vendor directly! Find a list of vendor support numbers here.

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Since all orders placed through Vetcove are still processed, billed, and shipped by the vendors directly, you will need to contact the vendor to help you with returns, cancellations, changes, etc.

Additional information on vendor return policies and external links to vendor return forms may be found on the bottom right of an Order Details page, which may be accessed by clicking on an order on the Order History page.

Below are the support number for the vendors supported on Vetcove, if needed:

  • Amatheon: (800) 399-8387

  • American Regent: (800) 645-1706

  • BI: (888) 637-4251 Opt. 1, then opt. 5

  • Covetrus: (855) 724-3461

  • First Vet: (800) 998-4661

  • Idexx: (888) 794-3399

  • Midwest: (800) 643-9378

  • Miller (East): (855) 645-7838

  • Miller (Texas): (800) 880-1920

  • MWI: (800) 824-3703

  • Patterson: (800) 225-7911

  • Penn Vet: (800) 233-0210

  • Pharmsource: (954) 487-1559

  • Staples: (877) 826-7755

  • Victor: (800) 888-8908

  • Wedgewood: (877) 357-6613

  • Zoetis: (888) 963-8471

View Vetcove Vendor contact information by clicking on the vendor here.

All return policies are specific to the vendor from whom you ordered the product. They are all a little bit different, but Vetcove is not involved in the actual financial transactions or shipping of items.

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