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Will Vetcove affect getting my rebates?
Will Vetcove affect getting my rebates?
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When you purchase through Vetcove, you still qualify for all vendor promotions, special pricing, and rebates.  This includes free goods, progress toward cumulative rebates, and other vendor perks and bonuses. This is true for every vendor that is supported on Vetcove, and for every type of rebate-issuing organization–including purchasing groups (GPOs), corporate hospitals groups, and vendors' own loyalty programs. Never, under any circumstance, will using Vetcove impact your ability to get a rebate from any vendor.

When you place orders through Vetcove, the orders are immediately transmitted into vendors' own systems for processing, without delay.  The orders are received by the vendors in the exact same manner as if you had placed the order via that vendor's own eCommerce website.  For this reason, it simply isn't possible for a vendor to not count your purchase toward your rebate.

All that said, Vetcove's cash back deals are exclusive to Vetcove, and are additive (i.e. in addition to) all other promotions, specials, rebates, and other deals from your vendors.  That means that you'll never save more by choosing to buy from a vendor outside of Vetcove, but you could be missing out on additional cash back by not using Vetcove to place your orders.  Put simply, when you buy through Vetcove, you get all possible vendor deals and rebates, plus Vetcove-exclusive cash back.  We designed our platform this way intentionally–such that buying through Vetcove always gets you the best possible net price.

Additionally, for a growing number of manufacturers, Vetcove's data is now the official source of purchase tracking to determine loyalty program rebate eligibility.

If you have questions on this topic, please don't hesitate to start a live chat with us, email us at, or call us at 646.504.2696!

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