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Refer your colleagues and get cash back! Learn more about how to participate here.

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We're thrilled to announce our brand new Vetcove Referral Program! If you have a friend or new colleague that needs help with inventory or is investing countless hours comparing prices and stock... you can now be rewarded for sharing Vetcove with them and becoming their inventory hero! Each time you refer a colleague to sign up for Vetcove, you'll earn $25 in cash back and your referred colleague will earn $25, too.

The goal of this program is to reward our amazing members for helping their colleagues. Many practices, after toiling away on inventory for years, ultimately find out about Vetcove from a friend! Rewarding practices that talk about Vetcove is simply the right thing to do to show our appreciation. Here’s how it works:

1. Visit your Invite Page

If your Vetcove account has been invited to participate in the referral program, you will now have access to the Invite page where you can retrieve your unique referral code anytime:

You can also access this page anytime from within your account in the drop-down menu on the top right:

If you don’t see the Invite page, your practice has not yet been invited to participate in the program or is not eligible (for eligibility information, please refer to the rules, terms, and conditions).

We enroll new practices in the referral program multiple times a year, but if you believe your practice should currently be eligible please send us a message in our Live Chat and we would be happy to discuss it!

2. Click to Agree

The first thing you see on your Invite page will be a prompt to read and agree to the program rules, terms, and conditions. We highly recommend reading through this document in detail so that you’re familiar with it. You can also reference the rules, terms, and conditions anytime here as well:

Once you click Agree, your unique referral code will appear! This code is unique to your practice’s Vetcove account and is yours to keep. So long as the program remains open it will never change!

3. Share Your Code

To refer your colleagues, simply share your unique referral code with them. How you share is up to you! Feel free to be creative :) When your colleagues are signing up for Vetcove, they will simply want to type in your unique referral code during sign-up in the Invite Code field:

Once they've signed up, all they need to do to complete the process is:

  1. Manually connect at least one vendor.

  2. Ensure that the vendor's subaccount is claimed/selected. Here is an article about subaccounts and why they’re important.

  3. Place at least one direct checkout on Vetcove!

And Voila! You'll both immediately earn $25 in Vetcove cash back! Your referred colleague will earn $25 and you can continue to earn unlimited $25 rewards per successful referral!

4. Track Your Progress

On your Invite page, you can also keep track of your lifetime referral earnings, view your successfully referred colleagues, as well as access the rules, terms, & conditions anytime.

If you believe you referred a practice, but it is not appearing in your list, it’s likely they have not completed steps 1, 2, or 3. You’re welcome to send us a message in our Live Chat to verify whether this is the case and/or ask your colleague directly whether they have completed the above steps successfully.

This program is currently open and we plan on keeping it open indefinitely. However, we may potentially increase the reward amount from time to time or run additional contests and incentives surrounding the program. Stay tuned on our Discussion Board and social media channels for updates!

That’s all folks. If you have questions you’re welcome to refer to the rules, terms, and conditions or send us a message in our Live Chat anytime and we’re happy to connect.

Happy Referring! We appreciate you ❤️

Still have questions? Send us a message in our Live Chat (the little blue icon on the bottom right).

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