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What are Vetcove Cash Back deals?

Veterinary practices are now able to earn cash back on popular brands, exclusively through Vetcove!

Vetcove works directly with product manufacturers to offer short-term Cash Back Deals on certain products, exclusively available on the Vetcove site. All of the deals are totally additive to any special pricing, promos, discounts, or rebates you might be receiving on these products. Below is a preview of our Deals page showing an example of our past Cash Back Deals. The deals change frequently, so visit your Deals page to see what's current!

You can find Cash Back deals from the Deals page, or just by searching for items! If an

item is associated with a Cash Back campaign it will have a pink Cash Back flag on the item listing.

Where can I find all of the deals I am being offered?

You can view your deals in 3 places:

  1. Deals Page: Click on the “Deals” tab in the Vetcove header bar or head here. From this page you can view all of the cash back deals available to you. Clicking anywhere on the deal will pull up all item listings associated with that Cash Back deal.

  2. Search Results Pages: You’ll see your deals directly in your search results so that you can claim the cash back as you shop. (Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for that pink Cash Back icon on item listings and be sure to check off the Cash Back box to add the deal to your account!)

  3. Shopping Carts Page: You’ll be reminded of the deal one last time on the carts page, so you can be sure you don’t miss it!

How do I activate a Cash Back deal?

To activate a deal you'll simply want to check off the box next to the Cash Back flag and then select "Claim Discount" from the pop-up window. Once the deal has been successfully activated, you will see a pink "CB" on the right hand side of the item listing and a green check mark where the box was!

To actually earn the Cash Back for a given campaign, you simply need to place an order containing that item and your rewards will be added to your Pending Balance on the Rewards page.

How do I redeem my Cash Back rewards?

Once an order has been placed with eligible items you'll want to click on the pink "Cash Back" button from the top menu bar, as shown below.

Please note: Your rewards will be added to your Pending Balance until the campaign period has ended for that item. Campaigns typically run for 2-4 weeks, after which rewards will be under review over the course of about 3 weeks to ensure no orders have been returned. After this processing period your rewards will be moved to your Current Balance, at which time you are eligible to redeem them. To view the details associated with pending and past rewards, such as campaign dates, you'll want to click on Earnings Summary.

From the Rewards page, you may choose how you’d like to redeem your Cash Back Deal! The redemption offers may vary, but you’ll have the option to redeem for a paper check, or a variety of electronic gift cards!

Can anyone at my clinic who has a Vetcove account redeem Cash Back?

The only user permission level that is granted access to redeem Cash Back is "Admin". Any users who have a permission level lower than Admin (Manager, Purchaser, etc.), would need to be granted this access by an Admin user on the account!

If you are an Admin user looking to grant this access to someone at your clinic, you'll want to click on the little person icon at the top right > Account & Settings > Manage Users and scroll down until you find the user you are looking for. Click on "Edit Permissions" and from the popup window, check off "Claim Vetcove Rewards" and click on Update Permissions to save the changes made.

Note: these rewards are earned by the veterinary business associated with your Vetcove account, and when you redeem rewards, you warrant that you are an authorized person to redeem such rewards on behalf of your veterinary business. You can read more in the Vetcove Terms of Service here!

Where can I find my Cash Back Earnings?

To view past and pending rewards you'll want to head to the Earnings Summary tab from the Rewards page! Here you will find the date the campaign period ends (or ended) for a given reward, the name of the item associated with the reward, as well as the amount and status of the Cash Back reward. To view more details you'll simply want to click anywhere on the reward and it will expand to show you the campaign period dates, the maximum cash back that could be earned for that deal, and your qualifying orders.

Is there a limit to how much cash back my clinic can earn?

For individual campaigns, there may be a limit to the amount of cash back that is able to be earned across practices; however, Vetcove does not set any limit on the amount of cash back an individual practice can earn through the platform, so take advantage of any deals you’d like!

How do I get my practice set up to start earning cash back?

If you have a Vetcove account and all of your vendor accounts connected, you’re already good to go!

You can visit the Deals page to browse all items that are eligible for cash back. When you find an item you’d like to purchase, just click the box to clip the coupon then add the item to your cart!

Before taking advantage of your first deal, you may be prompted to update some of your practice’s information so that we can verify your account and confirm your eligibility. You may also update your practice's information on this page at any time.

Is there a minimum amount of cash back that I have to earn before I redeem?

Yes, there is a $5.00 minimum for checks and a $10.00 minimum for gift cards that must be in your "Current Balance" before you’re able to redeem your cash back earned.

*Please note that there is a $1.00 processing fee when redeeming cash back in the form of a check.*

Do Vetcove Cash Back deals conflict with any of my current pricing or other vendor deals?

The answer to this question in all cases is no! All of Vetcove’s deals are additive to any other discounts or special promotions that you might be getting on a product. This includes any discounts or rebates you’re earning through a group purchasing organization (GPO), as part of a corporate hospital group agreement, or any other negotiated or special pricing. 🥳

Will I be taxed on Cash Back redeemed?

For just about all manufacturers these deals are considered a "rebate." This means they record it as a reduction in the sale price of the product. As such, you don't have to keep track of it, and should not expect to receive a 1099 for it from any manufacturer or Vetcove.

Just note that when you take advantage of a deal, Vetcove reports the amount of cash back to the manufacturer for their own accounting purposes. They would then "reduce" the sale price of the product to you in their own accounting. This is the cleanest for all parties.

Still have questions about Cash Back?

Feel free to hit the chat icon at the bottom right corner of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!

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