Corporate groups are able to set criteria under which an order will require corporate approval before it can be placed. This feature is not available by default, so please reach out to your account manager (or to discuss whether it is right for your group.

Setting up Order Approvals

Approval rules can be set up here, under Alerts > Edit Alerts > Approvals. Below is what the page looks like to set up a new approval rule.

To break this down into a little more detail,

  • Approvers: Which corporate user(s) are able to approve this order? You are able to select specific users, or any corporate user.

  • Regions: Which region(s) does this rule apply to? Like above, this could be any region, or all regions.

  • Buyers: Which location(s) does this rule apply to? This lets you get a bit more granular, as opposed to just region level controls.

  • Criteria: What needs to happen to trigger this rule? There are three options - supplier, order size, item size. If you choose supplier, you'll be prompted to specify a supplier or choose Any Supplier. If you choose order size, you'll be prompted to enter a number for the order size. You can also layer criteria to create more complex rules (e.g. orders > $500 from BI require approval).

Once a rule is created, it'll be added to the bottom half of the page, so you can easily view what rules are in place, what regions they apply to, and who the approvers are.

Viewing, Approving and Rejecting Order Approvals

Once the rules are in place, orders that fulfill their criteria will be added to a "Pending Orders" page under the orders tab of the corporate site, which can be found here. Here's what that looks like:

Users can filter by order status (pending approval, approved, rejected), ordered (ordered, not ordered), clinic, approver, and submission date. We'll indicate key information about the order on this dashboard, and users can click into each order for more info.

If they click into a pending order, the corporate user will see the option to approve or reject the order.

Once the order has been approved or rejected, the order will update to show the action that was taken. The screenshot below shows what a rejected order will look like:

Clinic View of Order Approvals

Clinics will also have a "Pending Orders" page available within Vetcove (here) where they can monitor the status of their submitted orders that fulfill the approval criteria. The dashboard looks virtually identical to the corporate dashboard screenshot above, but with fewer filters (status, ordered, submission dates).

If an order has been approved, Vetcove will automatically repopulate the shopping cart under the clinic's account to then complete the checkout and submit the order to the vendor.

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