Section 3: Uploading Invoices

Learn how to upload invoices for unsupported vendors on Vetcove

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Invoices will only automatically be pulled into Vetcove for certain vendors. If your practice receives invoices for a vendor that is not yet supported on Vetcove, you may upload those invoices to Vetcove in 3 different and easy ways!

1. Upload Invoices via the Vetcove Website

To upload an invoice to Vetcove from within our web platform, simply click on the blue Upload Invoice button on the Invoices page or the Invoice Uploads page. Once you upload an invoice, you may then manually submit invoice details (date, vendor, invoice number, etc.) by clicking on the uploaded invoice and filling out the required fields, or our team will digitize this information within 48 hours:

2. Email Invoices to Vetcove
If you receive your invoices via email, another option is to send an email to Vetcove with a single invoice as a single attachment. You may send the email to the email address displayed at the bottom of the pop up window when you click on the blue Upload Invoice button. Do keep in mind that the email displayed will be unique to every practice:

Our team will upload and digitize all invoices sent via email within 48 hours. 

3. Scan Invoices on Vetcove's Mobile App

The third and easiest way to upload an invoice to Vetcove is through our mobile app! Simply download the Vetcove mobile app – Apple App Store for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) or Google Play Store for Android devices – and log into your existing Vetcove account.

Once you are logged in on the mobile app, click on the Account button in the bottom right corner and then select Scan Invoices from the menu that appears. You will then be prompted to take a photo of the front of your invoice:

Keep in mind that you may also view and receive invoices from within your mobile app as well. Simply click on the Account button in the bottom right corner and then select Invoices to view all invoices.

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