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What are Vetcove cash back deals?
What are Vetcove cash back deals?
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Vetcove allows manufacturer partners to offer cash back deals through the platform to target groups of customers while they’re shopping. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Marketing designs campaigns: A manufacturer’s marketing team decides how much cash back they’d like to offer to a certain group of customers and specific content that they’d like to show that audience. For a given campaign, all Vetcove customers will receive a cash back offer. The amount of cash back may vary between groups of customers.

  2. Deal is claimed: A customer is shopping on Vetcove, sees the cash back offer, and clicks to take advantage.

  3. Item added to cart: After viewing a manufacturer’s content, a customer can choose to add the item to the cart of any vendor that is supported on Vetcove.

  4. Purchase completed & cash back earned: Once a customer checks out and actually completes purchase of the item, the cash back has been earned. The cash back will start out in their pending balance. Once we’ve confirmed that the item was not returned, they will be able to redeem!

  5. Cash back redeemed: A customer is able to redeem all earned cash back directly through the Vetcove platform for a paper check, gift cards, and more!

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