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What content should my reviews be focused on?
Your reviews should be focused on the products themselves. Concerns with manufacturers, distributors, shipping, promotions, and pricing (while extremely useful to the community) should not be included in reviews, and should instead be posted in the Discuss forums.

For instance, if you think a product deserves Five Stars based on the results you’ve seen when used, but the packaging was damaged when it arrived, the product still deserves Five Stars in a review (but feel free to note the shipping issue in Discuss). 

Who can review products?

Any professional at a clinic that purchases, handles, distributes, or is in any way involved with the relevant product. For instance, if you are not a practitioner, but you are involved in ordering or you hear feedback from your clients in a specific product – your input is still extremely valuable!

Why does Vetcove screen reviews before publishing them? 

This is a healthcare community. Clinics use information from reviews to decide on which products to use in the care of animals. It is therefore vital that we ensure a high level of quality and remove any content inconsistent with our guidelines. 

What makes a review helpful? 

Any information that will assist someone else in the community when selecting products is helpful. Please consider the question, “Would this information help me make a decision or understand the impact of my decision if I read it?”. 

Who can see my reviews? 

All Vetcove users and select Vetcove employees.

Who can edit reviews?

Only you can edit your reviews. If Vetcove believes there is an opportunity to provide more useful details or has concerns about the content, we will reach out directly to discuss, but will never edit on your behalf. 

How do I edit or remove reviews?

Once your review has been approved and published by our team, you can view all your posted reviews in your review profile page, and update or remove them at any time. We strongly encourage you to update any review if you are presented with new, material information or have changed your mind about a product after continued use. Please avoid posting a new separate review without removing or revising the original. 

How much information should I include in my reviews?

Any relevant information about the product that you believe could be useful for another professional when making a purchasing decision. Examples include but are not limited to: quality, customer preferences/feedback/concerns, ease of use, materials, degradation over time. 

What topics should be left out of reviews and included in Discuss?

  • Shipping and (External) Packaging

  • Manufacturers and Distributors

  • Prices, Promotions, and Coupons

If I've purchased multiple sizes of a given product, should I submit a review for each?

The answer is no. Reviews will be posted across all items in a given product line, so you need only post one review for a given product. For example, if you've purchased multiple sizes of the same brand & type of catheter, you need only submit one review.

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