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Vetcove Review Guidelines & Helpful Tips
Vetcove Review Guidelines & Helpful Tips

Follow these guidelines & tips when writing product reviews

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Our goal is to make these reviews as useful and actionable as possible! When reviewing products on Vetcove, please reference the guidelines and review tips listed below.

Review Guidelines:

Be Helpful: Reviews are intended to provide meaningful content to customers about specific products. Remember, this is a community of providers and animal health professionals – feedback or lack of feedback on specific products can materially impact the adoption of such products and therefore the welfare of animals. Please share your thoughts with the community as often as possible so others can leverage your knowledge to provide better care.

Be Honest: In order to preserve the integrity of our reviews, content should be an accurate representation of your experience with this item. Vetcove strictly forbids commercial solicitations or compensation in exchange for positive reviews. We will always provide you an opportunity to explain or revise your reviews when we find issues with content. 

Be Relevant: Reviews should focus on the pros and cons of the specific item in question. Reviews focused on companies will not be approved. This means that you should not mention delivery times, poor packaging or expiration dates of products sent by distributors. All discussions not related to specific products should be directed to our Discuss forum

Example Star Ratings:

One Star – Do not recommend under any circumstances

  • There are immediate quality issues with this product or issues regularly develop over time with normal use that pose safety risks.

  • Customers/practitioners regularly provide negative feedback or resist using it. 

  • This product is potentially harmful to animals or practitioners when used properly according to its formal guidance.

  • This product is extremely difficult to use or store.

  • Higher quality direct alternatives are available.

Two Stars – Might suggest looking for alternatives or use with caution

  • There are quality issues that do not pose serious safety risks.

  • This product has deficiencies that are consistent with alternative offerings. 

  • This product can be difficult to use or store in most scenarios.  

  • Customers/practitioners have provided negative feedback in the past but still use it due to lack of alternatives.

  • Low quality and entirely indistinguishable from alternatives. 

Three Stars – Recommend in most cases but worth reviewing alternatives

  • You have noticed quality issues once or twice, but not consistently, and these do not pose safety risks. 

  • This product can be difficult to use or store in some specific scenarios. 

  • There are materially better alternative offerings with no significant tradeoffs.  

  • Low quality but mostly indistinguishable from alternatives. 

Four Stars – Confidently recommend in most cases, but worth comparing to alternatives based on price

  • High levels of quality, durability, ease of use, storage, and practitioner/customer satisfaction with certain caveats.

  • No quality issues but potentially not appropriate in key scenarios. 

  • High quality but mostly indistinguishable from alternatives. 

Five Stars – Highly recommend and no need to review alternatives

  • High levels of quality, durability, ease of use, storage, and practitioner/customer with no caveats. 

  • Appropriate in nearly all relevant scenarios.

  • Materially distinguishable from alternatives.

Remember, reviews will be posted across all items in a given product line, so only post one review for a given product. For example, if you'd like submit a review for the 3M e-collar, you do not need to submit a review for each size of the 3M e-collar that you have purchased, instead your single review will be posted across all sizes of that given 3M e-collar.

Still have questions about product reviews? Feel free to click on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen to speak directly with one of our team members!

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